Christophe Robin Ultimate Hair Volumizing Secret

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For over twenty years, the leading hair colorist Christophe Robin has been celebrating nature through his range of products for which he carefully selects rare active ingredients with multiple benefits. This perpetual search for innovative ingredients has led him to the amazing discovery of Rassoul...

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Launched in 2013, his volumizing range with rose extracts was one of the first volumizing ranges dedicated to color treated hair. It is with great pride that Christophe Robin presents his new cleansing volumizing paste with pure rassoul clay and rose extracts. This unique formula creates real volume, noticeable from the first use and effects that build up day after day.

The art of rassoul

This 100% natural mineral clay, also known as the most noble of clays derives from the Arabic word rassala, meaning "to wash" and is extracted from the only-known Rassoul deposit, in Morocco's Atlas Mountains. This ritual has been used for generations.

"I wanted to reinterpret the traditional uses of Rassoul" says Christophe Robin. "In Morocco, hair care is considered an art de vivre, a lifestyle. In keeping with these time-honored practices, I wanted to draw from the benefits of the traditional Rassoul and release all its potential in an innovative formula with a unique texture".

This original formula is a unique combination of rose water, plant extracts, and 100% pure and natural Rassoul. Its exclusive composition is 85% natural origin. Protected and fortified, the hair instantly shows more volume at the roots and density down its length.

Overtime, volume will build up and the hair will regain long-lasting strength and vitality.
When mixed with water, its surprising paste-like texture transforms into a light foam, creating a moment of pure well-being.
The hair care routine recommended by Christophe Robin for a beautiful volume:

1) Cleansing volumizing paste with pure rassoul clay and rose extracts: for a deep cleanse and to build volume over time. Alternate the cleansing paste with the delicate volumizing shampoo with rose extracts, to gently cleanse and maintain volume.

2) Volumizing conditioner with rose extracts: for manageable hair and gently nourished ends (only on the lengths if needed).
3) Instant volumizing mist with rose water: as a final touch, to enhance volume and give hair long-lasting hold.
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