“Lucky Flame” Revamping Product Lines with Latest Innovations and Designs, Welcoming Second Branch Showroom within a Period of 43 Years

Monday 17 September 2018 10:57
"Lucky Flame" -- the time-honored gas stove and cooker brand that remains loyal in Thai households' kitchens for more than 43 years -- singularly go against currently stagnant economic situations, opening a brand-new second branch showroom at "Future Park Rangsit" while remaining well celebrated among Thailand's domestic households and continually making business inroads in the Company's fourth decade of great reputation by means of diversification, with more of product lines being added, as well as a number of new built-in markets such as electric stove, extractor or range hood, Sink wash basin, etc., aiming for the target group of cookers residing in condominiums and urban residential projects. In addition, Thailand's renowned gas stove maker also showcases its peerless premiership by being the one and only brand providing "five-year" gas valve warranty, as well as an elephantine army of after-sales service teams in its distributors nationwide. The Company is currently in process of online branding, promoting high-quality product lines as one of the brand's strong points, while delightfully witnessing the brand's continually remarkable growth in CLMV market.
Lucky Flame Revamping Product Lines with Latest Innovations and Designs, Welcoming Second Branch Showroom within a Period of 43 Years

Mr. Chaolert Leelartwattanakul [sp], one of the executive members and Sales & Marketing Manager, Lucky Flame Co., Ltd., the manufacturer and distributor of gas cooker and kitchen appliances under the brand "Lucky Flame", has revealed that 'Having remained loyal with Thai people for over a period of 43 years, the Brand is particularly known for its particularly well celebrated product -- and thus the name -- "Lucky Flame Gas Cooker". At present, we manufacture and distribute such products as gas cooker, pressure regulator, range hood, gas rice cooker, (electric) water heater system, gas valve, gas lighter, as well as food industry-related accessories. With the Company's superior-quality products that maintain excellent standards; the Company's better comprehension and sincerity, as well as taking good care of our customers as though they were our own family members, "Lucky Flame Gas Cooker", that is, Lucky Flame as a brand, remains tall in its service to Thai society for more than a period of 43 years'.

'We believe that the charm of Thai food is well indicated not only in terms of ingredients and cooking personnel but also in terms of 'Thai kitchen', as the latter part also helps (to) enhance allurement of Thai food as a whole as well. The bygone days witnessed people go about their kitchen affairs with the help of traditional stoves in cooking delicious dishes. Afterwards, with gas stove or cooker invented, cooking has become easier. In fact, 'Lucky Flame' first found its inception as a brand in light of our admiration for the charm of 'Thai kitchen'. From our humble beginning as family business to our current glory days: before one knows, and delightfully so, Lucky Flame has already remained strong for a period of 43 years. Note that we have remained firm in our continual improvement of products and latest innovations in kitchen; one thing, however, that has never changed is our good intendment to ignite the fire of happiness within all Thai households, as time has gone by from one generation to another. Simply put, virtually all Thai people know us as in the term "Lucky Flame Gas Cooker"'.

'In terms of SWOT, what we consider our unflinching strong points are the quality of each individual product, its remarkable durability and top-tier standards, high level of safety, as well as [a wide variety of products with] more multiple functions and latest technologies in use that are user-friendly, convenient and safe. In addition, we also gain higher confidence among customers, thanks to our successful conformity with the "ISO 9001:2015", thus being certified as such in light of the superior quality of our products. We are, furthermore, the gas cooker manufacturer awarded with TIS/TISI (Thai Industrial Standards Institute) mark and Thailand Trusted Mark, both of which officially indicate high standards and superior quality of products manufactured in Thailand. Note that each and every product under Lucky Flame brand has been specifically developed to be energy-efficient, a good deed of which signifies one of the Company's social responsibilities and its environmental conservation, something to which the Company always give high priority'.

Mr. Chaolert [sp] has added that 'At present, the Company continues improving its product quality in order to meet with needs and wants of the market, be it in terms of range hood, gas oven, gas rice cooker, gas lighter or (electric) water heater system; as well as the Company's concentrated effort to diversify in terms of built-in kitchenware product line, the presence of which begins playing a vital role among Thai people's kitchens, especially cookers residing in condominiums or urban residential projects. In consequence, the second branch Lucky Flame showroom has been opened at "Future Park Rangsit", occupying therein a space of more than 122 square meters, in which greater than 100 SKUs of Lucky Flame-branded goods/merchandises are stored as the showroom's on hand inventory, and in which the Company's products are also on display strategically in order to inspire our prospective customers in their personal approaches to Thai-style kitchen decoration. With our first showroom at "Central Bangna" being well received in terms of patronage, we thus have come up with the second branch showroom; in fact, we also have a plan to launch the third one – soon'.

'"Lucky Flame" enjoys a wide variety of distribution channels such as Home Pro, "Thai Watsadu", Tesco Lotus, Big C, "homeWorks", "Boonthavorn", and Global House. In addition, the Brand has built a stronghold with our distributors nationwide [in Thailand], as well as providing for the country's most exhaustive after-sales service, not to mention the only brand with five-year gas valve warranty and ten-year range hood's motor warranty. All of which represent our strength, which enables "Lucky Flame" to continue growing upon an incessant basis also with the distinct corporate policy by which Lucky Flame brand be built to win over consumers, strategically focusing upon 'innovation' and 'design', both responding well to needs and wants of those who are well concerned over the matter of quality -- thus the Company's resolution reading "Quality is our destiny."'.

Lucky Flame: For Thai Kitchen, with Its Vehement Flame That Lasts Over a Period of 43 Years

'"Lucky Flame", in addition, has also re-branded, with a more modern-day image, while strategically focusing upon new segmentation in terms of younger generations and making further inroads in expanding new consumer's bases overseas such as in Dubai, "Africa", Bangladesh and the Philippines. CLMV market group in particular has experienced remarkable growth,' concluded Mr. Chaolert [sp].

For those interested in visiting Lucky Flame showroom, second branch, at "Future Park Rangsit", please contact: telephone number 02-150-9258 and Lucky Flame Call Center's telephone number 02-312-4330.

Lucky Flame Revamping Product Lines with Latest Innovations and Designs, Welcoming Second Branch Showroom within a Period of 43 Years Lucky Flame Revamping Product Lines with Latest Innovations and Designs, Welcoming Second Branch Showroom within a Period of 43 Years Lucky Flame Revamping Product Lines with Latest Innovations and Designs, Welcoming Second Branch Showroom within a Period of 43 Years