'3D POSTURE SCAN' - A turning point for good health Available in Thailand only at Fitness First Club ICON

Monday 16 November 2020 09:53

Have you ever noticed yourself walking with imbalanced shoulders, a crooked back, or twisted knees? Do you feel muscular pain for unknown reasons or suffer endlessly from neck, shoulder, back or joint pain? Have you tried exercising to treat it but it just doesn't help? A full body analysis utilising the 3D Posture Scan can find out the body's physical abnormalities and pinpoint the exact cause of one's health problems. With this information in mind, it will be much easier to select suitable exercise to improve your health and quality of life.

'3D POSTURE SCAN' - A turning point for good health Available in Thailand only at Fitness First Club ICON

The aforementioned health conditions don't appear out of the blue. Mostly, they originate from our own habits, such as carrying a heavy backpack, looking down at our phones, sitting in front of the computer for hours, crossing your legs, or from playing intense sports that can cause sprains, loose joints and more. These affect a person's posture and health, and may eventually lead to one needing surgery to treat them.

Whether through physical rehabilitation or exercise, seeking treatment in a timely manner is crucial. But before reaching that stage, Fitness First Thailand is presenting a hi-tech innovation, 3D POSTURE SCAN, which can help fitness enthusiasts and athletes to analyse and heal any physical abnormality or deformity in order to attain the best workout results.

3D POSTURE SCAN | An accurate analysis for best workout results

3D POSTURE SCAN is available in Thailand only at Fitness First Club ICON! It scans and captures the body's movement from basic postures and positions, including standing, bending, or lifting your legs. The posture scan is easy and takes only a short amount of time to find out whether the body's physical structure is balanced, or if there is any irregular muscle or joint.

The scan is able to detect even the slightest deformity that affects one's health with high accuracy. This includes facet joints and inflexible muscles that may affect posture in one's daily life. The tightening of the neck and shoulder muscles can cause chronic pain that inevitably affects our daily lifestyles.

A detailed scan is highly beneficial. If you currently suffer from neck, back or muscular pain, you will be able to take the result to consult with medical professionals for timely treatment. It also allows fitness trainers to design a workout programme that best suits you and prevent any injury that may occur. Your level of fitness and physical ability will achieve better and faster results. By knowing one's own physical deformity, such as having a crooked back, distended abdomen or imbalanced shoulders, the trainers will be able to advise on how to best correct your posture.

Give 3D POSTURE SCAN a shot. This all-in-one innovation utilises a body scan to learn more about a person's health and fitness. It's now available only at Fitness First Club ICON.

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