"LIVE A HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE" The Miracle of Taste & Deliciousness and the Miracle of Lifestyle

Thursday 03 December 2020 16:16

Following the COVID-19 outbreak is a significant change in people's lifestyle. Early this year, while people stayed home and worked from home, many restaurants and food sellers had shifted to delivery services. Online food ordering applications have become more popular and it is likely to continue and grow rapidly in the future as people adopt the new normal lifestyle.

LIVE A HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE The Miracle of Taste Deliciousness and the Miracle of Lifestyle

Food ordering application is the latest tool for restaurant owners and marketers to enable them to seize the opportunity. Such application provides consumers with more convenience and speed. Restaurant owners, meanwhile, enjoy higher benefits from consumers' reviews and satisfaction for food quality, taste, price and value for money, which can be used as references for others.

"Quality, good taste, value for money and safety are all the key essences for restaurant business to win customers' loyalty," said Mr. Chaiwat Nantiruj, Group CEO of Eka Global, a leading longevity packaging producer. "High review score definitely boosts sales without much efforts. In contrast, low review scores would put pressure on the business,".

Longevity packaging is, therefore, more important as it can significantly extend food product shelf life. High quality longevity packages can also keep the product taste and quality as good as it is freshly cooked. In addition, food safety and convenience are among the factors driving higher demand for longevity packaging. For food producers, such packaging can also facilitate business growth in the time where consumers adopt new normal lifestyle.

Chaiwat noted that in 2021, demand for innovative packaging would be increasing in local market. It will also become the future trend because COVID-19 has encouraged consumers worldwide, especially the US, Japan, South Korea, Australia and many European countries, to look for food packaging that ensure them of food safety, quality and good taste.

Eka Global's longevity packaging is produced to the innovative and advanced production technology. Special grade multi-layer plastic sheet (PP/EVOH/PP), are selected for their proven capability in preventing water and oxygen to penetrate into the packages. Eka Global's packaging, therefore, can be used for keeping pasteurized and sterilized food products at room temperature while maintaining the look, taste and food safety.

Interested SMEs can find more information about Eka Global and its products or experience the packaging for Modified Atmosphere Packaging Process (MAP) which is an innovative food preservation technology, and reserve a seat for a training at Eka Global lab for free of charge at www.eka-global.com or Tel. 038-574-187.