Anantara Sathorn Launches Bangkok Buffet Experience

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Guests are invited to satisfy all their culinary cravings at 100ฐ East's refined buffet every weekend.
Anantara Sathorn Launches Bangkok Buffet Experience

Anantara Sathorn Bangkok Hotel offers distinguished guests and Bangkok residents a memorable weekend buffet dining experience at its 100ฐ East restaurant. The buffet features international and Asian cuisine every Friday and Saturday from 6.00 pm – 10.30 pm commencing on Friday 26 April 2019.

A Journey of Flavours

The 100° East buffet menu is designed to satisfy a multitude of cravings from refreshing to traditional to creative.

The barbecue station presents meaty flavours from exquisite cuts of beef striploin, lamb short loin, pork loin and chicken yakitori. Fresh seafood choices from the barbecue include butter fish, salmon, squid, river prawns and garlic butter scallops.

Other elevated highlights from the buffet include seared foi gras with cherry reduction, a carved sideboard of beef prime rib with red wine sauce and double cream potato, choice of pasta and sauce, and an assortment of fresh seafood on ice.

Traditional Thai dishes offered include spicy salads, Thai soups, som tam, and Thai curries. Guests can satiate even more hungers for exceptional authentic Asian cuisine at the Japanese and Chinese food corners. Highlights range from sushi and sashimi, takoyaki, Chinese roasted duck and barbecue pork.

To conclude the buffet dining experience, the dessert table offers a variety of decadent sweets from chocolate fondant, nitro ice cream, Thai desserts and fresh fruits.

Guests are invited to upgrade their buffet experience with an exclusive beverage package that includes free flow house wine, local beers and select craft cocktails.

Glamorous Tropical Atmosphere

Anantara Sathorn's 100° East restaurant is designed to give guests a luxe dining experience of flavours from around the world. Guests are invited to relax and enjoy their culinary journey while surrounded by the comforts of hardwood furniture and sensuous textiles.

Most buffet food stations feature expert live cooking demonstrations. Specialty dish options are offered to meet a variety of dietary needs.

Guests are invited to treat themselves to a refined buffet experience every weekend only at Anantara Sathorn's 100° East.

Bangkok Buffet Experience

Date: Every Friday and Saturday in the first week and last week of each month

Time: From 6.00 pm – 10.30 pm

Venue: 100° East, Anantara Sathorn Bangkok Hotel 2nd Floor

Price: THB 1,400++ per person for food only

THB 1,000++ per person for free flow on house wine, local beers and selected crafted cocktails

Deal: Exclusive offer available for parties of 4 people. Tables of 4 people pay the price for 3 people only.

Reserve your table at Anantara Sathorn's Bangkok Buffet Experience. Call +66 (0) 2 210 9000 or emailฃ [email protected]

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Anantara Sathorn Launches Bangkok Buffet Experience Anantara Sathorn Launches Bangkok Buffet Experience


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