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CORRECT Press Releases

No7 Laboratories launches its first ever clinically proven1 DARK CIRCLE Corrector Events—26 Sep 19

Following seven years of extensive research to build and identify the fundamental causes of dark circles, No7 is proud to introduce the launch of its No7 Laboratories DARK CIRCLE Corrector, which is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of dark

นัมเบอร์เซเว่น แลบบอราทอรีส์ เปิดตัวผลิตภัณฑ์ลดเลือนรอยคล้ำรอบดวงตาเป็นครั้งแรก1 ผ่านการทดสอบจากผู้เชี่ยวชาญด้านผิวหนัง ปฏิทินข่าว—26 Sep 19

จากการวิจัยค้นคว้าเป็นระยะเวลากว่า 7 ปี เพื่อคิดค้นและระบุถึงสาเหตุพื้นฐานของการเกิดรอยหมองคล้ำรอบดวงตา นัมเบอร์เซเว่น ภูมิใจเสนอ "นัมเบอร์เซเว่น แลบบอราทอรีส์ ดาร์ก เซอร์เคิล คอร์เรคเตอร์" (No7 Laboratories DARK CIRCLE Corrector)

/C O R R E C T I O N - The Chivas Venture/ General—11 Sep 19

In the news release, Chivas Launches Global $1m Competition for Start-ups That Blend Profit With Purpose, issued 10-Sep-2019 by The Chivas Venture over PR Newswire, we are advised by the company that in the third paragraph, a quote from Alexandre Ricard

นัมเบอร์ เซเว่น แลบบอราทอรีส์ เปิดตัวสองเซรั่ม กลุ่มผลิตภัณฑ์ชั้นนำจากห้องแลบ แก้ปัญหาผิวตรงจุด ทั่วไป—24 Jun 19

จากความสำเร็จในการเปิดตัว นัมเบอร์เซเว่น แลบบอราทอรีส์ ไลน์ คอร์เร็คติ้ง บูสเตอร์ เซรั่ม (No7 Laboratories LINE CORRECTING Booster Serum) เมื่อปีที่ผ่านมา ผสานกับความมุ่งมั่นของ No7

No7 Laboratories adds two NEW targeted serums to the science led range join women getting the best General—24 Jun 19

Booster Serum in April 2018, our commitment to delivering clinically proven, targeted products that really work, extends with the launch of two new Booster Serums. No7 Laboratories FIRMING Booster Serum and No7 Laboratories DARK SPOT CORRECTING Booster

/C O R R E C T I O N/ - Hoshi Corporation/ Heathcare—31 Jan 19

In the news release, "Hoshi Corporation Starts Accepting Orders for Manufacturing Made-in-Japan Cosmetic Products by Fully Utilizing Bonded Cosmetic Factory" issued on 29-Jan-2019 by Hoshi Corporation, we are advised that the company's name in paragraph

Essilor partners with the Royal Government of Bhutan in its ambition to become the first country in General—12 Dec 18

Essilor commits to further expanding its unique inclusive business and philanthropic programmes to eradicate unprotected and uncorrected poor vision in the Kingdom of Bhutan, where 25% of the population suffer from uncorrected refractive errors and much

ACUVUE(R) OASYS with Transitions(TM) Light Intelligent Technology(TM) Named in TIME#s #Best IT—19 Nov 18

- First-of-its-kind[i] contact lens corrects vision and adapts to changing light conditions to enhance comfort and performance in everyday life TIME has selected ACUVUE(R) OASYS with Transitions(TM) Light Intelligent Technology(TM) as one of the 'Best

XRY Drone new technology to acquire and analyze drone data is introduced by MSAB and IT—11 Oct 18

XRY Drone lets investigators extract and analyze data from popular drone models being used for illegal activity --- to reveal flight paths, origin, behavior and other critical information that can identify operators. Police, corrections agencies, border

/C O R R E C T I O N - Nord Anglia Education/ General—11 Oct 18

In the news release, International Schools Group Heads to London, issued 09-Oct-2018 by Nord Anglia Education over PR Newswire, the currency involved in the 3rd bullet point and in the 9th paragraph should be GBP instead of EUR; in the 9th paragraph, 1st

Merck Awarded Australian CRISPR Nickase Patent for Foundational Genome-Editing Heathcare—16 Aug 18

- Patent covers paired Cas9 nickase technology to reduce off-target effects, advance gene therapy and research - Expands company's foundational CRISPR cutting and integration IP necessary to correct genetic defects in gene therapy patients - Merck to

No7 Laboratories Line Correcting Booster Serum Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of Business—25 Jul 18

No7, the UK's leading skincare brand, is launching No7 LaboratoriesNEW franchise with ground-breaking research and development to meet women's beauty needs. The first product in the new No7 Laboratories line-up of targeted skincare solutions: No7

New York City Housing Development Corp. Short-Term Rating On Certain Multifamily Housing Revenue Stcoks—06 Jul 18

SAN FRANCISCO (S&P Global Ratings) July 5, 2018--S&P Global Ratings corrected by withdrawing its short-term rating on New York City Housing Development Corp. 's series 2008J, 2008K, 2009I-2, 2010H, 2011F-2, 2011F-3, 2013 D-2, 2014B-2, 2014D-2,

Nevada Housing Division Series 2009A, 2008B, 2009A, And 2009B Bond Rating Reinstated At Stcoks—20 Jun 18

SAN FRANCISCO (S&P Global Ratings) June 19, 2018--S&P Global Ratings corrected by reinstating its 'AA+' rating on Nevada Housing Division's single-family mortgage revenue bonds, series 2008B, 2009A, and 2009B. The outlook is stable. S&P

Ratings On Three Volkswagen Bank Bonds Lowered To #BBB+# From #A-# Stcoks—14 Jun 18

FRANKFURT (S&P Global Ratings) June 14, 2018--S&P Global Ratings said today that it corrected its ratings on three bonds issued by Volkswagen Bank GmbH (A-/Negative/A-2) by lowering them to 'BBB+' from 'A-'. We had incorrectly rated the following

Rating On Michigan Finance Authority#s 2004A Local Government Loan Program Revenue Bonds (Ambac Stcoks—16 May 18

CHICAGO (S&P Global Ratings) May 15, 2018--S&P Global Ratings corrected by withdrawing its 'AA-' long-term rating and 'AA-' underlying rating (SPUR) on the Michigan Finance Authority's series 2004A Ambac Insured bonds, issued as part of its

Maryland Transportation Authority 2012C Revenue Bond Rating Reinstated Stcoks—26 Apr 18

CENTENNIAL (S&P Global Ratings) April 25, 2018--S&P Global Ratings corrected by reinstating its 'AA+/A-1+' rating, based on the application of joint criteria, and its 'A+' underlying rating on Maryland Transportation Authority's variable-rate

Meridian Health System, NJ Series 2011 And 2013A Bond Rating Revised To #AA-# From Stcoks—26 Apr 18

NEW YORK (S&P Global Ratings) April 25, 2018--S&P Global Ratings has corrected by raising its long-term rating to 'AA-' from 'A+' on New Jersey Health Care Facilities Financing Authority, N.J.'s series 2011 and 2013A bonds, issued for Meridian

Coshocton, OH Short-Term Rating Lowered To #SP-1# Stcoks—21 Feb 18

NEW YORK (S&P Global Ratings) Feb. 20, 2018--S&P Global Ratings has corrected a publication error by lowering its short-term rating on Coshocton, Ohio's water and sewer system acquisition bond anticipation notes (BANs; limited-tax general

Westpac Banking Corp. Subordinated Instruments Rating Reinstated At Stcoks—14 Feb 18

SYDNEY (S&P Global Ratings) Feb. 14, 2018--S&P Global Ratings today said it has corrected by reinstating its 'BBB+' rating on Westpac Banking Corp.'s US$800 million subordinated callable fixed rate instruments due Feb. 28, 2023. We had withdrawn

FirstEnergy Nuclear Generation LLC And FirstEnergy Generation LLC Ratings Corrected To #C# From Stcoks—07 Feb 18

NEW YORK (S&P Global Ratings) Feb. 6, 2018--S&P Global Ratings said today that it corrected its issue-level ratings on three tranches of FirstEnergy Nuclear Generation LLC and FirstEnergy Generation LLC's senior unsecured notes by lowering them

เครื่องแปลภาษา AIcorrect Translator สร้างความตื่นตะลึงในมหกรรม CES ไอที—15 Jan 18

CES 2018 มหกรรมแสดงสินค้าอิเล็กทรอนิกส์เพื่อผู้บริโภคงานใหญ่ระดับโลก เปิดฉากที่ลาสเวกัสเมื่อวันที่ 9 มกราคมที่ผ่านมา โดยผลิตภัณฑ์และเทคโนโลยีปัญญาประดิษฐ์ (AI) จากบรรดาบริษัทจีนได้สร้างความประทับใจอย่างมากภายในงาน หนึ่งในนั้นคือเครื่องแปลภาษา AIcorrect

AI star from China: AIcorrect Translator rocking at CES IT—15 Jan 18

The top-of-the-line trade show for the global consumer electronics industry - CES 2018 at Vegas has been open to the world since January 9th. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and products brought by Chinese companies are among the most impressive

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Ltd. Long-Term Rating On Senior Unsecured Program Corrected To Stcoks—18 Dec 17

MELBOURNE (S&P Global Ratings) Dec. 18, 2017--S&P Global Ratings today said it has corrected its long-term rating on Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Ltd.'s (BEN; BBB+/Stable/A-2) A$7.5 billion senior unsecured medium-term note program. We corrected the

Leonardo da Vinci#s Painting #Salvator Mundi# Sold for USD 450.3 million on Wednesday as Predicted General—17 Nov 17

Thierry Ehrmann: " Once again Artprice has demonstrated its understanding of the art market, having forecast a result somewhere in the $450 - 500 million range. A forecast that was correct with Salvator Mundi fetching $450.3 million, as reported by AOF

Mukilteo, WA Series 2009 General Obligation Bond Rating Reinstated At Stcoks—24 Oct 17

SAN FRANCISCO (S&P Global Ratings) Oct. 23, 2017--S&P Global Ratings hascorrected by reinstating its 'AAA' rating on Mukilteo, Wash.'s limited-taxgeneral obligation bonds, series 2009. The outlook is negative. Certain terms used in this report,

Detroit Local Development Finance Authority #B-# Rating Reinstated On 1998 Series A Stcoks—24 Oct 17

CHICAGO (S&P Global Ratings) Oct. 23, 2017--S&P Global Ratings has corrected by reinstating its 'B-' long-term rating on Detroit City Local Development Finance Authority, Mich.'s 1998 series A tax increment, subordinate bonds. The outlook is

Holt County R-II School District (Mound City), MO COP Rating Lowered To #A# From Stcoks—19 Oct 17

CENTENNIAL (S&P Global Ratings) Oct. 18, 2017--S&P Global Ratings Services corrected by lowering its long-term rating to 'A' from 'AA+' on the Missouri Assn. of Rural Education's series 2017 lease certificates of participation (COPs) issued for

FMSbonds Inc. Series 2015-XF2190 Bond Ratings Reinstated Stcoks—18 Oct 17

NEW YORK (S&P Global Ratings) Oct. 17, 2017--S&P Global Ratings corrected by reinstating its 'AA/A-1' and 'AA' ratings on FMSbonds Inc.'s series 2015-XF2190 tender option bond, trust puttable floating-rate receipts (floaters) and inverse