Bangkok Bank and AIA Thailand provide health protection to customers with "AIA Health Happy" rider offering coverage of medical expenses up to 25 million baht

Wednesday 10 February 2021 16:39
Bangkok Bank and AIA Thailand are offering "AIA Health Happy" rider through the bank's branches to encourage Thai people to be prepared for health expenses. Highlights include Lump-Sum Payout, Double Coverage and Value for Money, with coverage of medical expenses up to 25 million baht per policy year. Customers buying the rider by March 31, 2021 and selecting to pay a yearly premium will get a discount of 5% on premiums.
Bangkok Bank and AIA Thailand provide health protection to customers with AIA Health Happy rider offering coverage of medical expenses up to 25 million baht

Bangkok Bank Executive Vice President Pochanee Kongkalai said the bank is focused on all customer groups and committed to developing financial products that can comprehensively meet the needs of customers. The bank found that Thai people are proactive about healthcare including exercise and preparing to handle healthcare expenses. The bank and AIA Thailand, a leader in the life and health insurance business, introduced "AIA Health Happy" rider that offers lump-sum benefits on health protection with choices of protection plans which are easy to understand.

"The bank is encouraging Thai people to have adequate health protection with medical expenses rising every year as well as illnesses becoming more complex and severe. The bank as a "trusted partner" is encouraging customers to see the importance of having adequate health protection while helping to select AIA, a professional and experienced provider of health insurance, to offer comprehensive and effective insurance policies for customers," said Ms. Pochanee.

Mrs. Alisa Simaroj, AIA Thailand's Chief Strategic Bancassurance Alliance Officer, said AIA has developed this health insurance policy based on customer's needs to ensure it matches with each customer's condition. There are four plans available with different levels of protection, up to 25 million baht per policy year. The highlights are the lump-sum benefits for medical treatment expenses, double coverage - receive up to two times the benefits*1* for four policy years for the first critical illness*2* and value for money - coverage of medical expenses for both outpatient*3* and inpatient treatment. The eligible customers ages are from 6 - 75 years old, and the policy can be renewed till the age of 84 years old, with the coverage until 85 years old.

AIA is also offering a special promotion during the product launch period - a 5% discount on the first insurance premium for customers buying the "AIA Health Happy" rider today until March 31, 2021 and paying yearly premiums.

Interested customers can find more information about life insurance products and other bank information from Bangkok Bank's channels including, Bangkok Bank Line Official or the bank's branches or call 1333 or 0 2645 5555 or visit…thHappy

*1* Conditions of protection are designated by the company.
*2* "Critical Illness" refers to the critical illness according to the definition of critical illness that is covered under the endorsement on critical illness coverage.
*3* Coverage for medical expense when being the Out-Patient Department (OPD) is for the 25-million-baht coverage plan 4This release only provides basic information for the product launch.

The Insured is advised to study all details including exceptions of the insurance policy before purchasing.

Source: Bangkok Bank