Nestle promotes physical and mental health for Thais by setting up personalized wellness booths nationwide

Wednesday 17 February 2021 13:29
Nestle, the world's leading food and beverage company, is continuing to roll out its Nestle Active Thailand program by setting up booths at supermarkets nationwide that use digital technology to offer personalized wellness suggestions together with guidance from Nestle nutritionists. Nestle aims to change the old way of providing guidance with the help of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to offer personalized suggestions that fit people's individual lifestyles. The health check results will be provided via SMS with a link to read a full report, and there is also a channel to talk with Nestle nutritionists. The booths were developed to meet the lifestyles of digital consumers under the concept of "Good health starts with the 3Es in your own way."
Nestle promotes physical and mental health for Thais by setting up personalized wellness booths nationwide

Ms. Nida Poon, Corporate Communication and PR Group Manager, Nestle (Thai) Ltd., said, "With the current challenging situation, it's important for Thais to take care of their family members' physical and mental health to help everyone to cope with the situation. Nestle believes that food is the key to a strong family. This is why we continue to promote a healthy lifestyle among Thais with our 3Es approach: Eating, Exercise, and Emotion, in one's own style. With the advanced digital technology at the booths, participants can connect with Nestle nutritionists to get detailed suggestions about easier ways to take care of their health. This corresponds to Nestle's Purpose of unlocking the power of food to enhance quality of life for everyone, today and for generations to come."

A highlight of this year's activity at the Nestle booths is the use of intelligent technology to provide suggestions about physical and mental health. These suggestions are provided in two parts. The first is a preliminary health check-up covering areas such as BMI, fat, water level, and bone mineral density, while the second is how to adopt the 3Es approach in a way that best fits an individual's lifestyle. By taking a closer look at a person's lifestyle, he or she can be put into categories such as workaholics, focused learners, screen addicts, homemakers, easy-living seniors, or foodies. The 3Es approach can then be adapted to how people in these categories live under the concept "Good health starts with the 3Es in your own way," because a "one size fits all" approach to health care cannot meet the needs of all different lifestyles.

If test results show that a person's mineral density falls below recommended standards, preliminary health suggestions for that person will address the cause along with tips to maintain bone density such as avoiding salty food, following recommended daily menus, and switching to high-calcium products. The 3E tips for workaholics and focused learners, who think a lot and need a good memory, will include recommendations for essential nutrients such as vitamin B12, vitamin A, and calcium, together with a list of foods and products that contain these three nutrients. Exercise tips will include stretching the neck, back, and hands every hour while working or studying at a desk, or walking about 10,000 steps every day. To develop positive emotions, they can relax with a sip of coffee, or have some chocolate to stimulate thinking, as well as listening to light music.

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Source: ABM