'Bilibili' streaming platform boosts its arsenal of exclusive content with 'The Star Idol', Thailand's popular variety show

Wednesday 18 August 2021 16:35
'Bilibili'—one of Southeast Asia's leading video platforms—is quickly growing its streaming content inventory to meet the diverse demands of the younger generations. After officially launching in Thailand at the end of 2020, the latest developments are seeing the streaming service bring on board 'The Star Idol': Thailand's up-and-coming Talent Reality Show looking to crown the entertainment industry's newest star.
'Bilibili' streaming platform boosts its arsenal of exclusive content with 'The Star Idol', Thailand's popular variety show

Catering exclusive content to a new generation of idol-fans in partnership with Thailand's top reality show
The show is set to join Bilibili's licensed entertainment content category. Fans of this idol phenomenon will be glad to hear that from the 22nd of August 2021 onwards, 'The Star Idol' episodes will be exclusively available to stream for free on Bilibili, besides ONE 31 and ONE 31's YouTube channel. The exclusivity does not end here, Bilibili users will also have daily access to 'The Star Idol Daily' exclusive behind-the-scenes highlights. Watch your favorite contestants divulge their hopes and dreams, disclose their feelings towards fellow competitors. Be the first to know as they unveil dramatic strategies to seize victory and become the nation's favorite idol, all for free

'The Star Idol' is set to premiere on the 22nd of August 2021, airing every Sunday starting at 6 p.m. on ONE 31. Episodes will then be available on the Bilibili application at 10 p.m. the same day. Do not miss the chance to show your love and support to your favorite contestants, watch their fascinating performances as they put their talents to the test to impress the show's four renowned judges. The judging line-up includes 'Yong Songyos'—famous producer and director, 'Num Kala'—Thailand's legendary rocker, 'Lydia'—iconic RnB diva and 'Non Tanon'—experienced competitor and winner of talent competitions. Winner of 'The Star Idol' will get the opportunity to sign a contract with ONE 31 and start their professional career in the show business industry. Stay on top with the official trailer, and get the latest updates about 'The Star Idol' at ONE 31 and The Star Idol Facebook.

Collaborating with Thailand's top variety show to support a new generation of aspiring 'Idols'
'The Star Idol' marks an epic return of 'The Star', a massively popular variety show that has created many of the entertainment industry's top artists. It is paving the way for a new generation of contestants to bring their personality, charms, as well as a knack for singing, dancing and acting to the stage, and seize the chance to shine as Thailand's next 'The Star Idol'.

Bilibili's collaboration with ONE 31, Thailand's leading broadcasting network and the creator of 'The Star Idol' falls directly in line with the streaming platform's commitment to supporting the younger generations in unleashing their creative potential.

A stage of freedom for creative self-expression
Much like 'The Star Idol', Bilibili strives to be an open stage where absolutely anybody can freely express their talents. On top of streaming exclusive content from 'The Star Idol' via Bilibili, users can also create, upload and share videos to showcase their unique talents and abilities, be they singing, dancing, acting, dubbing, music playing, athletic prowess or other creative endeavors. Bilibili is a free, intuitive and easy-to-use digital platform, a dedicated space designed specifically for creators to publish their User Generated Videos (UGVs), share their interests, express their identities, exchange views, and connect with like-minded users. Bilibili is a community designed for the younger generations, enabling a limitless freedom to enjoy life through the exchange of creative pursuits.

If you prefer to just watch, Bilibili is also the community for you. As a hybrid streaming platform, it is designed not just for video creators, but is also well populated with a great array of quality content waiting to be discovered and enjoyed free of charge. Bilibili's arsenal of over 1,100 anime titles, and an ever-growing content library makes it one of Southeast Asia's largest video platforms.

Fellow video streamers, content-creators and aspiring idols, what are you waiting for? Get ready for an explosion of creative fun and download the Bilibili app today via Google Play and App Store.

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About Bilibili
With a mission to enrich the everyday life of young people, Bilibili is a leading animation video platform in Southeast Asia. A hybrid platform that hosts both occupationally generated videos (OGVs) and user generated videos (UGVs), Bilibili is continuously expanding its content ecosystem to fulfill the diverse and expanding interests of our users. Bilibili's content is available free of charge as we aim to be a place where imagination and creativity converge, and a place that is accessible for everyone to enjoy.

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