KGP joins forces with J&T Express and Chatnee in unveiling solutions to help online stores slash costs and enhance management efficiency

Wednesday 08 September 2021 16:00
KASIKORN Global Payment Co., Ltd. (KGP) has teamed with J&T Express and Chatnee in launching solutions designed specifically for online stores to ensure enhanced business efficiency, increased liquidity and reduced cost. Amid a highly competitive market, online merchants will be equipped with three solutions: "Convenient Payment" wherein the "More You Use, the More You Get" campaign has been launched to offer cash back of up to 1,500 Baht for online stores accepting payment via Facebook Pay - a payment channel offered by KGP that allows customers to make secure payment at their fingertips with their preferred payment method, either funds transfer, credit or debit card; "Reduced Cost" wherein online merchants can enjoy a J&T Express shipping fee of 9.9 Baht for the first kilogram of their shipment and a 50-percent discount for the remainder, which will help them reduce costs, thus earning more profit; "Efficient Liquidity Management" wherein the online store management system by Chatnee is offered free of charge for one year, helping merchants to arrange their orders with greater convenience in less time. To join this campaign, online merchants are invited to apply for Facebook Pay from now until October 7, 2021.
KGP joins forces with JT Express and Chatnee in unveiling solutions to help online stores slash costs and enhance management efficiency

Mr. Takerng Osirichaivet, KGP Managing Director, said that KGP develops and provides digital payment acceptance systems for various leading organizations in Thailand. It is the only company that has arranged a payment solution for Facebook. According to KASIKORN Research Center (KResearch), the Thai e-commerce market turnover is projected to reach 300 billion Baht in 2021, increasing 30.4 percent from last year, in line with changing consumer behavior. Amid the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, consumers have increasingly moved online. To capitalize on this trend, business operators across all sectors have embraced online channels to reach their customers while also actively launching promotional campaigns to promote spending. Social commerce and e-marketplace both play a key role in the e-commerce business. Meanwhile, modern trade retailers have focused more on food products and fast-moving consumer goods, or FMCG.

An important factor that will allow online stores to remain competitive in the business is sound store management. This includes efficient inventory, data, cost, and customer service management, such as convenient information and payment acceptance, and fast delivery. KGP offers secure and user-friendly payment acceptance service via Facebook Pay to accommodate a diverse range of payment formats, including payment acceptance with credit card that is intended to enhance confidence of online stores in conducting trading transactions. Additionally, the service helps dispel their concerns about fake sales slips. Meanwhile, KGP has launched "The More You Use, the More You Get" promotional campaign, which offers up to 1,500 Baht cash back for online stores, as well.

To boost the competitiveness of online stores, KGP has collaborated with two strategic partners, namely J&T Express and Chatnee, to offer solutions for online stores to enhance the efficiency of their business management and reduce operating costs. Such solutions include low shipping fees from J&T Express when applying for KGP's payment acceptance service via Facebook Pay from now until October 7, 2021. Online stores participating in the campaign will enjoy a special shipping fee at only 9.9 Baht for the first kilogram of a parcel, and up to a 50 percent discount for the remaining weight of the parcel. The promotion is available every day, with no minimum weight or number of deliveries, thus helping reduce transportation expenses for more profit and business liquidity. Participating online stores will also get a free online store management system from Chatnee for purchase order management and automatic notification of tracking numbers to their customers, helping to cut operating time and offering greater convenience. The collaboration will also help online stores sell products more securely at lower cost while also preparing them for the upcoming year-end shopping season.

Mr. Bruce Liu, Chief Executive Officer of J&T Express Thailand, said that J&T Express is now among the top three largest and fastest-growing parcel delivery companies in Thailand. The company delivers more than 1 million parcels per day and has over 4,000 branches throughout Thailand, plus a cash on delivery (COD) service that offers users greater convenience and efficiency.

J&T Express assesses that package delivery shows constant growth, especially during the COVID-19 crisis wherein both the number of online stores and volume of package delivery have surged by more than 100 percent. Costs are a key factor of online selling, as the lower the cost, the higher the profit that online stores can expect to gain. Through this collaboration, KGP and Chatnee aim to help online stores slash costs by offering the biggest delivery fee discount for online stores that subscribe to Facebook Pay.

Mr. Sawapop Tuamsang, CEO and Co-Founder of Zortout, said that since Zortout is now recognized as one of Thailand's leading order and inventory management systems, the company is seeking to expand its operations via Facebook, a sales channel that has grown exponentially in recent times. Chatnee is an online store management program that has been developed to meet the demands of online merchants, with multiple features including live chat, sales summary, order processing, shipment preparation and tracking number notification; all of which aims to reduce online stores' management burden. An efficient store management program is an integral part of successful online selling. In this collaborative effort, Zortout has developed an order management feature on Chatnee that links to the merchant's Facebook Messenger. Through this feature, online stores can conduct their sales more easily, as Chatnee can automatically access the customer's order confirmation data. Online merchants can also select the parcel delivery company, print shipping labels and assign a tracking number for their customers automatically via Facebook Messenger.

Mr. Takerng said in closing that KGP has a goal of forming additional business alliances to provide solutions that meet the demands of the online market. This is meant to help online stores grow and remain competitive in the long run. To join this campaign, online stores are invited to apply for Facebook Pay from now until October 7, 2021, or visit…8HnNyH, or inquire further via the KGP Contact Center at 02-0088820.

Source: Kasikorn Bank