Streaming Japanese Films to 24 Countries! "JAPANESE FILM FESTIVAL ONLINE 2022"

Monday 01 November 2021 15:00
The Japan Foundation will hold the "JAPANESE FILM FESTIVAL ONLINE 2022" for two weeks in February 2022 in 24 countries as part of the "Japanese Film Festival (JFF)" project to promote the appeal of Japanese films abroad.
Streaming Japanese Films to 24 Countries! JAPANESE FILM FESTIVAL ONLINE 2022

In the last fiscal year, which was our first time ever online festival, the event traveled to 20 countries on five continents around the world, including Thailand. As many as 30 Japanese films, from the latest to classics, were distributed free of charge, and the total number of viewings from around the world exceeded 210,000. While movie theaters were still closed in many of the target countries due to the effects of the new coronavirus, the varied lineup and video interviews with directors were well received, bringing Japanese films to the world on an unprecedented scale through online distribution.

This year, the second of its kind, will be held in a total of 24 countries, including Thailand and other countries such as South Korea, the United States and Germany. Viewers can watch 16 films with Thai subtitles for free from anywhere in the country on "JFF+ (plus)," a website for Japanese films operated by the Japan Foundation.

Prior to the festival, a pre-event streaming will be held for one week from November 15, 2021. In addition to "Little Nights, Little Love," "DANCE WITH ME," and "The Great Passage," which were popular among viewers in the previous distribution lineup, stop-motion animation film "GON, THE LITTLE FOX," and the documentary "Tora-san in Goto," a total of five films will be streamed.

Watch the trailers for the five films in the pre-event streaming:

  • "Little Nights, Little Love":…711-Qec
  • "DANCE WITH ME":…ti9lP6A
  • "The Great Passage":…VFMJpcw
  • "Tora-san in Goto":…2dekRV0

The lineup of films to be distributed at the "JAPANESE FILM FESTIVAL ONLINE 2022" held in February will be announced in January 2022. Various events related to the festival and feature projects on the Japanese film website "JFF+" will be held to promote Japanese films through various approaches.


main visual URL:…ine2022


Organized by: The Japan Foundation

Duration: February 14-27, 2022 (2 weeks)(*1)

Number of Films: 16 ?Titles will be announced January 2022? (*2)

Platform: Japanese Films Streaming Website "JFF+"(operated by the Japan Foundation…ine2022

Admission: Free(User registration needed and viewers must be in the country held)

Subtitle Language:           English, Korean, Indonesian, Khmer, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, Myanmar, Spanish (South America), Portuguese, Italian, Spanish (Spain), German, Hungarian, Arabic (15 languages in total) (*3)

(Pre-event Streaming)

Duration: November 15-21, 2021(1 week)

Films: "Little Nights, Little Love," "DANCE WITH ME," "GON, THE LITTLE FOX," "Tora-san in Goto,""The Great Passage" (5 films)

*1 Please note that duration and programs are subject to change without prior notice.

*2 16 films availabe in Thailand. Number of films available will differ in each country

*3 Subtitle will be in maximum of 15 languages, please note that some films may only have English subtitle.

  • PR materials

Image data such as logos and main visuals can be downloaded from the following URL. Some of the still photos of the distributed works are available, please contact us for further information.…5494d3d

  • JFF(Japanese Film Festival)

The Japan Foundation launched the Japanese Film Festival (JFF) in 2016 as a project of the JFF Asia-Pacific Gateway Initiative, targeting 10 ASEAN countries and Australia. In FY2019, the festival was held in 56 cities in 12 countries, attracting more than 170,000 people annually.

  • Japanese Film Streaming Website "JFF+" (jff.j/…

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Source:  The Japan Foundation
Streaming Japanese Films to 24 Countries! JAPANESE FILM FESTIVAL ONLINE 2022 Streaming Japanese Films to 24 Countries! JAPANESE FILM FESTIVAL ONLINE 2022 Streaming Japanese Films to 24 Countries! JAPANESE FILM FESTIVAL ONLINE 2022