Highlighting value of local identity, Central Pattana joins hands with Doi Tung to decorate Christmas tree in northern Thailand under name 'Mok Panwa Christmas Tree'

Thursday 18 November 2021 10:32
Central Pattana plc led by Central Chiangrai is joining hands with the Mae Fah Luang Foundation under Royal Patronage, Chiang Rai province (Doi Tung) to bring the 'Colorful Doi Tung' festival (held annually at Doi Tung) to Central Chiangrai, which will be decorated with trees and flowers from the top of the Doi Tung mountain to create a vibrant atmosphere to welcome the Thai winter. The main highlight is the first and only Christmas tree in Thailand designed and created by Doi Tung, which presents local identity and community contribution and reflects the values and beliefs of Central Pattana that we have the community at heart. This is also our 40th anniversary and we want to express our gratitude towards the Thai people for giving Central Pattana the chance to serve the Thai people and Thai society for such a long time.
Highlighting value of local identity, Central Pattana joins hands with Doi Tung to decorate Christmas tree in northern Thailand under name 'Mok Panwa Christmas Tree'

Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Executive Vice President of Marketing for Central Pattana plc, said: "A sustainable way in growing with the Thai people and Thai society is to recognize the value of local culture; Central Pattana has always committed to this principle as we have designed our shopping centers in different provinces by highlighting their local charms and atmosphere in combination with architectural design to create contemporary designs. For example, in Chiang Rai, we used Kasalong (Tree Jasmine) flowers in the design of the facade to create a modern Center of Life that is familiar to the community, paying attention to both the cultural context and being environmentally-friendly. The festival is very special this year as Central Pattana has been side-by-side with the Thai people for more than 40 years. We thank Doi Tung for the special 'Mok Panwa Christmas Tree' design, which allows us to help support and generate additional income for villagers and ethnic tribe people on the Doi Tung mountain. The Christmas tree decorations are crafted purely by hand and made from natural materials. The craft ornaments truly come from the heart of our fellow Lanna people.

M.L. Dispanadda Diskul, Chief Executive Officer of the Mae Fah Luang Foundation under Royal Patronage, shared the inspiration behind the name of the 'Mok Panwa Christmas Tree', stating: "The Mok Panwa Christmas Tree is named after a length of hand-woven fabric of 1,000 wah (2,000 meters) that the villagers and indigenous people in the Doi Tung mountain area produced - giving up their free time and joining hands to weave the cloth. The word 'Mok' (mist) comes from the beautiful phenomenon of mist in Chiang Rai province, which occurs every year at the onset of the Christmas season (from November to January). Therefore, we have chosen a name that reflects the origin of this specially-designed Christmas tree and used materials easy-to-find locally, communicating a message about simple lifestyles and connection with nature. The materials used for the Christmas tree are such as bamboo, pine, woven butterflies, dyed silk, cotton, mulberry paper and vetiver. Vibrant colors are used as they reflect Chiang Rai's culture of ethnic costumes such as the traditional costumes of the Akha, Lahu, Thai Yai, Tai Lue, Lua and Yunnan Chinese. These are presented and coordinated within each layer to represent the diversity that coexists harmoniously."

Visitors are welcome to view the first and only 'Mok Panwa Christmas Tree' in Thailand from today onwards, followed by the CHIANG RAI DANCING FLOWERS 2021 event from 25 Dec 2021 to 2 Jan 2022 at Kasalong Square, Central Chiangrai under the concept of 'The Harmony & Melody: music, flowers and culture'. The event is held annually to create a vibrant atmosphere and welcome tourists who come to experience the cool winds of the North during the upcoming New Year festival. The event will help publicize the plant species of the North and various techniques will be incorporated to make the event more interesting. This year at the event, there is a combination of valuable local cultural stories of Lanna, beautiful patterns of decorations and installations that reflect the identity of Chiang Rai. At the event, community products from local ethnic groups will also be available: handicrafts of ethnic tribe traditional culture and 'Eco-Items' in Doi Tung style, and workshop activities such as ceramic crockery pattern painting, sewing notebooks made from mulberry paper, clay pottery, weaving, miniature garden arrangements and more. Enjoy performances from the ethnic groups of Doi Tung, traditional folk games, stilt walking, the Tai Yai Ram Nok Ram Toh Dance, the Lahu reed mouth organ, Saba Doi and the Thai Yai Long Drum Dance in addition to local food served directly from the mountain to the lowlands.

Experience the beauty of the first and only 'Mok Panwa Christmas Tree' of northern Thailand today at Central Chiangrai in an event held under the campaign of 'Forwarding Happiness 2022' to help boost the economy and tourism in all regions of the country. The Forwarding Happiness 2022 campaign aims to promote local identity and pass on positive energy as we believe that happiness can help us continue to move forward. The campaign is held from 12November 2021 to 6January 2022 at Central shopping centers nationwide. for more information, please call 052 020 999 or visit Facebook: Central Chiangrai.

Source: Central Pattana

Highlighting value of local identity, Central Pattana joins hands with Doi Tung to decorate Christmas tree in northern Thailand under name 'Mok Panwa Christmas Tree'