Violette Wautier learns more about her fans - and herself - with Spotify Artist Wrapped

Wednesday 22 December 2021 10:04
Spotify unveiled its 2021 Wrapped in celebration of the millions of quirky and wonderful listening habits across the world. And Wrapped isn't just for fans - it's for artists too.
Violette Wautier learns more about her fans - and herself - with Spotify Artist Wrapped

Artist Wrapped allows artists to discover overall insights from the year, such as total hours of their audio streamed, total number of top listeners and shares, and more. It has become a moment created for artists, showcasing their success on Spotify over the past year, and is one that artists and their fans look forward to every year.

One of Thailand's most beloved artists using Artist Wrapped to learn more about her fans and her growth is Violette Wautier, the Thai-Belgian singer who catapulted to stardom as a contestant on The Voice Thailand and continues to flourish as an artist with hit singles like "Drive" and "Smoke".

When asked to describe her music in an exclusive interview with Spotify, she said, "I think my music is similar to a movie or a soundtrack: sincere, straightforward, and reflecting my personality and experiences. I love Pop music with an electronic sound, as the combination opens room for creativity. I hope the sound in my music creates a unique and perfectly fulfilled world."

As Violette grew her career, she turned to Spotify for Artists, a dashboard that empowers artists to reach new potential fans across the globe. And at the end of every year, Artists Wrapped not only analyses the insights, but also celebrates the strong fan support. This year, her Wrapped results saw 21.3 million streams from 3.1 million listeners across 170 countries.

"By seeing the increase in streaming and listeners year-on-year, I feel a lot of love and become even more encouraged to produce new music, as I can clearly witness the existence and growth of my audience." she continues.

Helping artists develop their fan base and careers has always been at the heart of Spotify. This year, Spotify launched EQUAL - a commitment to fostering gender equity in music by amplifying the work of female creators. Recognizing Violette as one of Thailand's promising local talents, Spotify named her Thailand's EQUAL Artist of the Month in June 2021, included her tracks on EQUAL Thailand and featured her on New York Times Square's world-famous billboard, spotlighting local talent on the global stage. 

What is Violette Wautier's 2021 Earworm? 

As a Spotify listener herself, Violette Spotify Wrapped results showed that the top five artists she listened to in 2021 is Taylor Swift, Lorde, Olivia Rodrigo, Clara Moto, and Griff, and her top song of the year is "drivers' license" by Olivia Rodrigo.

Violette also got to experience her own Audio Aura, and saw that her mood was Blue and Yellow, signifying her top music-listening moods as Wistful and Focused. Audio Aura, Spotify's latest in-app Wrapped feature, is a personal energy signature based on a listener's listening habits, with colors that represent traits. The six aura colors and matching moods are:

  • Purple: This aura color pairs well with passionate music listeners who like to get amped up, entertained, and moving.
  • Green: Calm, analytical, and introspective, these listeners gravitate toward complex music to tame their fast-moving minds.
  • Pink: Often described as the hopeless romantics, pinks view the world with a sense of optimistic, childlike wonder.
  • Orange: Oranges are the rebellious and bold types who share a need for high-energy, confidence-boosting sounds.
  • Yellow: Yellows like their music to align them to the goals of their day, fueling their need for focus, motivation, and self-improvement.
  • Blue: Blues are wistful or emotional, and this hue reflects listeners who seek out music to feel their feelings out loud.

Ready for your reading? Head to for your personalized Audio Aura and the full 2021 Wrapped experience.

Photo Credit: Violette Wautier's Spotify Wrapped Results

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