'Coca-Cola' joins forces with 'I am Pizza' serving Coke with pizza - perfect match for special meals

Monday 09 May 2022 17:25
The Coca-Cola system in Thailand, which comprises ThaiNamthip Ltd., HaadThip Public Company Ltd., and Coca-Cola (Thailand) Ltd., is joining forces with I am Pizza, a pizza franchise service provider, announcing an official partnership serving a range of beverages from Coca-Cola Thailand including "Coke", "Fanta", "Sprite" and "Schweppes" together with I am Pizza menu listings at more than 800 shops and kiosks nationwide. The aim of this collaboration is to enrich consumers' experience with special pizza menu choices from I am Pizza and refreshing soft drinks from Coca-Cola.
'Coca-Cola' joins forces with 'I am Pizza' serving Coke with pizza - perfect match for special meals

Mr. Tanaporn Khositaphai, Senior Vice President - Commercial, ThaiNamthip Ltd., said: "Coca-Cola is committed to meeting the needs of consumers as much as possible, and that's why we highlight product innovation and provide a wide range of products with a world-class taste experience in order to make "Coke" become a refreshing drink that elevates the taste of every meal. We are also expanding distribution channels through continuous collaboration with partners so consumers can obtain our products easily and enjoy deliciousness at every moment and occasion. The partnership with I am Pizza marks significant synergy, with the strong distribution system of ThaiNamthip and HaadThip, which can deliver products to I am Pizza shops and kiosks located throughout the country. This will help expand the customer base and create business growth for both brands. Coca-Cola and I am Pizza will combine strategies and share business experience to meet the needs of consumers on the spot."

Ms. Laksika Khunnawutviset, Managing Director, I am Pizza company, said: "The key highlights of I am Pizza are the special recipe pizza dough, the softness of the dough, and customer care service. We select only the best imported raw ingredients and develop meticulously until the taste is popular for an Asian audience (especially Thai people) and we now have franchise services nationwide. We strongly believe that joining forces with Coca-Cola, the leader in the soft drinks market in Thailand, will enhance the taste of meals with popular beverages from Coca-Cola, and will also increase sales for each branch. This partnership will accelerate our market expansion plan and our production plan this year. We are ready to create a delicious experience and serve happiness to customers both when dining at the shop and through delivery service."

On the I am Pizza menu, there are 12 flavors, including familiar original flavors such as Hawaiian, smokey bacon, or special flavors for Thai people invented by I am Pizza, such as Kaprao (fried chicken with basil), Tom Yum, and Massaman Curry. All are available in four sizes, from 4" to 12", in both thin and thick crust. Consumers can enjoy delicious menu items at I am Pizza shops or order delivery from over 800 outlets nationwide. Consumers can follow news and promotions on the official line: @iampizza and the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/IAmPizzaFranchise/

The Coca-Cola system in Thailand consists of Coca-Cola (Thailand) Limited as the brand proprietor responsible for marketing activities, and its two local bottling partners - ThaiNamthip Ltd responsible for 63 provinces around Thailand and HaadThip Public Company Ltd serving 14 southern provinces.

The Coca-Cola system in Thailand is the nationwide market leader for non-alcoholic beverages. In addition to

Coca-Cola, the Coca-Cola system's portfolio of beverages in Thailand includes "Coke", "Fanta", "Sprite", "Schweppes", "A&W" Root Beer, Fuze Tea "Minute Maid Splash", "Minute Maid Pulpy", "Namthip" and "BonAqua".

About I Am Pizza

I AM Pizza franchise is the number 1 pizza franchise with the right taste for Thais. Operating since 2007, the pizza dough factory is now in Nakhon Sawan province with a production capacity of more than 800,000 sheets per month and delivers to more than 800 branches in 76 provinces nationwide, including expanding its network to neighboring countries. In addition, I Am Pizza provides pizza making courses and consultation services to open a restaurant with more than 10 years of experience, with the distinctive feature of pizza dough that is made from fine ingredients and a wide selection of popular flavors.

Source: Hill & Knowlton

'Coca-Cola' joins forces with 'I am Pizza' serving Coke with pizza - perfect match for special meals