GetLinks launches MetaLINKS, extending web2.0 talents through to web3.0

Friday 20 May 2022 15:58, Asia's fast-growing venture building ecosystem for digital talents in web2.0, launches 'MetaLINKS' (, Asia's first metaverse dedicated to power financial and education inclusion for young millennials through to web3.0 and complementing their remuneration token 'LINKS' ( Clients and partners continue to enjoy GetLinks' comprehensive suite of pre-onboard to post-onboarding solutions to tackle their war for talents' acquisition, empowerment, and retention. MetaLINKS is set up to connect and work adjacent to other leading metaverses in the gaming and creative ecosystems by supplying developers, operators, and audiences to them, and sharing a common mission to help talents 'Earn Better and Spend More Wisely'.
GetLinks launches MetaLINKS, extending web2.0 talents through to web3.0

The MetaLINKS 'first-batch' of land sale opens for pre-sale on May 12th, 2022 at the 'Thailand Crypto Expo' and the pipeline of interested parties eager to be first owners and access to strategic land plots are ever growing as we near the opening date.

Mr. Pichaya Srifar, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of GetLinks, said the Metaverse is here to stay, as new technologies are already validated by early influencers like gamers, artists, investors, and Web3 passionists who in record time created a Zero-to-Billion dollar industry at speed faster than it took for the internet to achieve same results.

"The decentralized and open spirit of Web3 is revolutionary and timely as it further integrates and regulates technology with humanity. As a game developer and enthusiast for two decades, I believe it's more important and exciting for everyone to learn and embrace how to immediately participate in serving this new economy and iterating alongside this new once-in-a-life-time technological paradigm shift," he said.

HR Tech is one of the crucial components of venture building that gathers, curates, and powers the hard-working and progressive developers and operators who not only build the infrastructure for future generations, but also at same time innovate entertainment and social connectivity across all stakeholders in jointly creating positive impact for our world.

"What do you do when a million people suddenly show up on an island? Since we know they are here to stay, we roll up our sleeves immediately and do our part in serving humanity in how they could Earn Better, and Spend More Wisely, and support the progressive teams and projects that are building and governing futures there," Mr Pichaya said.

GetLinks' MetaLINKS is not only the first but also one of the only dedicated metaverses in the market serving work and education globally, serving over 20 million job searches annually by several millions of job seekers. It is to be the world where all projects and stakeholders have a democratized way to communicate their story, and access to attract young and progressive workforce groups across multiple metaverses of digital communities.

On the talents' front, MetaLINKS is built to curate and attract the most impactful initiatives that appeals to matched skills and passions of the individual as per GetLinks' innovative 'talent digital public profiles', while the decentralized governing protocol and LINKS remuneration settlement engine share incentives and take into the voice of these hardworking individuals via smart contract voting systems. GetLinks digital profile system has built-in 'MetaMask-Wallet' to help talents in the new world to earn better, fairer, more transparent, and cost efficiently.

Currently, GetLinks has over 100,000+ clients and millions of talents serving most industry pillars, which should allow GetLinks to facilitate more alliances and network effects that can benefit any new in-coming projects and leaders needing a good head start.

MetaLINKS' first ever land owners can acquire and experience a plot of land for as little as 1,000 LINKS tokens (or approximately $20 dollars as of this article date), and we expect the prices to go up easily by 100x to $2,000 as there are increasing number of interested projects willing to transact on secondary market to get key plots adjacent to leading ecosystem players.

The initial goal is to attract innovating pioneers willing to share their digital and ESG transformation journey to benefit others, and the team is careful to attract companies that best represent their sectors. As for the talents, we are open to all willing to learn and contribute in this direction. The millions of diverse groups of talents in the GetLinks ecosystem are the best test bed for all the project owners tapping into MetaLINKS to validate their product and service offerings from traditional to new paradigms.

MetaLINKS is the community, LINKS is the digital currency that powers everything inside this governed community. Some use cases include the acquisition and engagement of talents which are rewarded by LINKS, while work & 'Gamified Tasks' done inside MetaLINKS are transacted with LINKS and smart contracts enhancing current escrow payment solutions.

Clients are selling products/services inside LINKS-Marketplace via GetLinks ever growing B2B2C network, and settling cleanly with LINKS.  Long-term employees benefit programs to enhance employee retention are using LINKS to replace traditional ESOPs.

Mr. Keenan Kwok, Co-founder and Group CEO of GetLinks and also the Co-founder of one of global leading Social Impact Venture Funds - AERA.VC, explains that the MetaLINKS main objective is to facilitate the migration of web2.0 users to the web3.0 world where all users can take back control of their eKYC'd identity and use it conveniently across our partners' services. The community of members then encourages all web2.0 projects and leaders to transition with an inspiration to co-share, co-build, co-enjoy, and co-create the web3.0 infrastructure, network and legacy of an ecosystem filled with Digital and ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) transformation knowledge and network for next generations continuing similar mission. GetLinks' mission to be 'open' aims to collectively round up in-coming leaders to leverage off GetLinks' multi-regional B2B2C network globally, jointly paving the roads for future generations to continue the movement for positive impact creation. Passing to the next generation of community members an ecosystem where they can vote to also partner with other diverse and multicultural metaverse communities with complementary strengths to co-build a world where all future technology may coexist harmoniously with humanity in serving the world.

A good dream from all these may be a future where governments and private sectors having matching grants/investments can better and more efficiently deploy to solving certain social objectives, and where GetLinks can contribute in quickly accessing these pre-qualified projects and leaders with validated track records in the MetaLINKS ecosystem. Thus, MetaLINKS can shorten the life cycle from inputting 'monetary or social capital' to gathering capable and passionate workforce generating these positive measurable outputs.

Source: Chomchaviwan