RX Tradex Joins Hands with Thailand Automotive Institute Bringing Together Industry Leaders to Address Carbon Neutrality: A Turning Point of the Future Mobility at "Automotive Summit 2022"

Wednesday 01 June 2022 14:36
RX Tradex joins hands with Thailand Automotive Institute to jointly organize Automotive Summit 2022 with the concept "Carbon Neutrality: The Turning Point of Future Vehicles" ready to shed the light on the future direction of the global automotive industry.
RX Tradex Joins Hands with Thailand Automotive Institute Bringing Together Industry Leaders to Address Carbon Neutrality: A Turning Point of the Future Mobility at Automotive Summit 2022

Mrs. Varaporn Dhamcharee, Managing Director of RX Tradex Co., Ltd., (Previously Reed Tradex), ASEAN's leading exhibition organizer who creates impactful exhibitions across many industries, revealed that RX Tradex is organizing Manufacturing Expo 2022 between 22-25 June 2022 at Hall 101 - 104, Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC). The Manufacturing Expo 2022 is destined to be the most comprehensive exhibition of the year on Machinery and Technology for the Manufacturing and Supporting Industries. The highlight of this year's expo is the Automotive Summit 2022, jointly organized by RX Tradex and Thailand Automotive Institute with the concept "Carbon Neutrality: The Turning Point of Future Vehicles."

"Manufacturing Expo is a gathering of manufacturers from a variety of industries to gain insights into state-of-the-art technologies and establish new business networks. It encompasses five international specialized exhibitions serving five industries, namely, Plastics Manufacturing, Die and Mold Manufacturing, Automotive Parts, Assembly and Automation, as well as Surface and Coatings, co-located with four other exhibitions on Electronics Manufacturing, Factory Management, Garment and Textile Manufacturing as well as Logistics Technology and Services. With altogether nine exhibitions held concurrently, Manufacturing Expo 2022 will be the most comprehensive industry event of the year.

Under the theme of "Power Up," the participants will discover the new emerging technologies from thousands of leading service operator brands to maximize efficiency, add value to their products or develop new products. They will also be empowered by new knowledge in more than 30 seminars and 4 special events that can help enhance their employees' working capacity and optimize their business, while expanding their business network with many top industrialists and industry leaders.

"As the automotive industry is one of the main industries that the Manufacturing Expo has prioritized, the organizer has, thus, joined forces with Thailand Automotive Institute to host the 'Automotive Summit.' The Thailand Automotive Institute has consistently reached out to the leading professionals and experts across the field of technology trends, research and business feasibility to broaden knowledge for the participants. The Summit has always been well-received and attracted a large number of attendees. It is this mutual cooperation that has driven the automotive industry from 2013 to 2019 before the two-year pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, Thailand Automotive Institute and RX Tradex have united once again to empower the industry professionals and those interested in keeping up with the latest cross-industry technology trends, focusing on the two core themes of Carbon Neutrality: A Turning Point of the Future Mobility.

"Moving towards carbon neutrality is also at the heart of RX's global operating policies as we recognize that the exhibition industry is one of the main contributors to Carbon Footprint in the world. As a result, on November 10, 2021, RX signed the Net Zero Carbon Events Pledge as a founding member of this initiative. The pledge was presented at the Global Climate Summit COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland. As of now, there were more than 150 signatories from exhibition organizers, exhibition associations, venue managers and industry professionals, making this the most global and inclusive collaborative action within the events sector. For this reason, the theme of this Automotive Summit 2022 on Carbon Neutrality is the issue that RX Tradex highly prioritizes and strongly advocates for. Those interested in attending the Seminar can pre-register at www.manufacturing-expo.com or call 0 2686 7222."

Mr. Pisit Rungsaritwutikul, President of Thailand Automotive Institute, unveiled the overview of the Thai automotive industry in 2022 that we have witnessed the gradual recovery of the Thai automotive industry from the COVID-19 pandemic which earlier caused the overall Thai economy to slow down. According to the Automotive Industry Club, Federation of Thai Industries, this year vehicle production is speculated to increase 7% from 2021 to 1.8 million units, with 800,000 units for domestic sales and 1 million units for export.

In addition, Thailand Automotive Institute also estimated that the annual sales of 2,000 electric vehicles in 2021 will increase to approximately 5,000 units this year due to a growing number of responsive consumers, incentivized by the Thai government promotion schemes. As part of its ambitious plan to use electric vehicles as an active effort to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, Thailand has now become a production base for electric vehicles in response to the environmental goals. This will also transform Thailand's automotive industry into the modern automotive industry. The country aims to increase electric vehicle production to ensure 30% of its total auto production output while also targeting to boost the use of electric vehicles, constituting 15 million units or one-third of all vehicles, by 2035.

For the first four months of 2022, Thailand was able to produce 597,864 vehicles, an increase of 4.8 percent from the same period of the previous year, as both domestic and international automotive markets start to recover. Meanwhile, the newly launched vehicles especially electric vehicles have been well received by consumers who are growing more familiar with the new technology. This growth is also coupled with the more price-accessible vehicle, the government incentives as well as the continual increase in oil prices. Whereas, the export market still remains in the recovery stage from the COVID-19 pandemic. At present, many countries have lifted their strict precautionary measures and allowed citizens to resume their normal lives, as well as reopened to international travelers. This has gradually resulted in the overall economic recovery while the industry still faces a shortage of some electronic devices, including some automotive parts scarcity. All these have caused the manufacturers to delay the delivery of cars for at least 3 months. It is predicted that the problem will begin to resolve and that automotive production will return to normalcy around 2023. "This year 2022 will, thus, continue to be another challenging year for the Thai automotive industry both from the positive growth factors and negative factors caused by the production difficulties."

As for this year's Automotive Summit 2022, Thailand Automotive Institute sees that Automotive Industry is the route of Mobility that is now driving the greenest improvement and development of the technology to Carbon neutrality. The final goal is to reduce global warming by the greenhouse effect. This is the main objective of the Automotive Summit Conference Theme "Carbon Neutrality: A Turning Point of the Future Mobility." This year's Summit also features many interesting seminar topics including the panel discussion on "Policy towards the transition to a low-carbon automotive ecosystem," Vision for low-carbon mobility from leading car-maker companies with a revolutionized paradigm of design, manufacturing and recycling to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality, as well as the standards and system testing of Connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) and electric vehicles.

This Summit could provide participants the unique opportunities to learn about the insights and technologies from leading companies in the automotive industry while building valuable networks with entrepreneurs and representatives of both the public and private sector agencies. Lastly, the organizer also extends our appreciation to the main sponsor for this event, Great Wall Motor Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Ltd. and many other organizations that have always contributed to the great success of this event," Mr. Pisit further added.

The Automotive Summit 2022 is part of the Manufacturing Expo 2022 held between 22-23 June 2022 at Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC). To ensure the safety of all participants and exhibitions, strict preventive measures are in place, including temperature checking, wearing a mask at all times in the exhibition, maintaining safe distancing, providing alcohol gel throughout the venue and UV sterilization in the air conditioning systems. Those interested to visit can find further information at www.manufacturing-expo.com.

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RX Tradex Joins Hands with Thailand Automotive Institute Bringing Together Industry Leaders to Address Carbon Neutrality: A Turning Point of the Future Mobility at Automotive Summit 2022