KBTG organizes Cyber Security Bootcamp program, with wide-open opportunities to work with leading organizations

Monday 06 June 2022 14:58
KASIKORN Business-Technology Group (KBTG) has launched Cyber Security Bootcamp under the Tech Kampus ClassNest project that aims to develop IT personnel, new graduates or interested persons wishing to shift to the cyber security field. Participants will have a chance to join the workforce of leading organizations. The initiative reinforces KBTG's intention of promoting quality education in the technology realm while also creating new-generation personnel of high caliber.
KBTG organizes Cyber Security Bootcamp program, with wide-open opportunities to work with leading organizations

Mr. Chatchawat Asawarakwong, KBTG Chief Information Security Officer, noted that the global and Thai job markets are in dire need of personnel with cyber security skills. Given this, KBTG has arranged the Cyber Security Bootcamp - the second program under the Tech Kampus ClassNest project which is suitable for new graduates and IT personnel, especially network system administrators, software developers or those in other related fields, seeking to reskill in order to make a career shift.

The selected participants will have the opportunity to learn and upskill in intensive online courses chosen by KBTG, and to benefit from hands-on experience in order to gain better understanding of related issues. Throughout the three-month period, the experienced Cyber Security Team of KBTG will be available to offer advice to and closely supervise the trainees, so that they will gain extensive knowledge in both offensive and defensive security, and system monitoring to support the cyber security function, which will prepare the trainees for cyber security-related work at Thailand's leading companies.

KBTG will also provide 50 scholarships for selected persons, who can take part in this program by paying only 5,000 Baht compared to the full fee of 25,000 Baht. The applicants must be knowledgeable in IT matters and must pass a pre-test to evaluate their basic knowledge related to systems, networks, development and cyber security. The program also includes an onsite workshop for practical training and discussion with personal coaches from KBTG. Before the end of the Bootcamp, a post-test will be conducted to gauge the trainees' respective skill levels.

Aside from our support in terms of scholarships, learners who have completed the course and passed training conditions will be invited for a final-round job interview with KBTG. If they are recruited as KBTG's full-time employees and pass a probation period, they will receive a 5,000-Baht refund, meaning they will get a free reskilling course. Applications will be accepted from today until June 24, 2022, and the course duration is August 1 - October 31, 2022. For more details and application requirements, please visit https://www.techkampus.tech

The Tech Kampus ClassNest is a project under Tech Kampus, organized by KBTG to nurture skills among those wishing to improve their IT potential and respond to Thailand's IT labor market. Courses on technology skills are practical, and such skills are of high demand in the domestic industrial sector. The various courses are designed by KBTG specialists. The Cyber Security Bootcamp, in particular, is intended to support reskilling and upskilling, which are imperative for the country's IT development and tech labor market. The project also reinforces KBTG's commitment to enhancing educational quality and building a new generation of suitably skilled workforce for Thailand's technology industry.


KBTG organizes Cyber Security Bootcamp program, with wide-open opportunities to work with leading organizations