'Sprite' launches 'Heat Happens Stay Cool' Global Campaign Cool and relieve heat activities together with new presenter

Thursday 04 August 2022 10:32
'Sprite' is inviting fans to stay cool, with the launch of its first ever global brand platform, 'Heat Happens Stay Cool'. A playful take on the importance of keeping our cool when faced with unavoidable moments that would typically provoke us to do things, we'd later regret, inviting us to step back, have a refreshing ice-cold lemon-lime 'Sprite' and cool down. Adding more extra with the new launch of brand presenter, Violette Wautier, a talented actress and singer, representing new generations in dealing with both mental and physical health from daily factors, including earning their own living, work pressure, and social environments that always make us blood-boil.
'Sprite' launches 'Heat Happens Stay Cool' Global Campaign Cool and relieve heat activities together with new presenter

The 'Heat Happens Stay Cool' is the campaign to strengthen the connection between 'Sprite No Sugar' and heated situations, then encourage reducing heat action with 'Sprite'. At a global level, the campaign will put consumer experience at its heart, combining different elements to enhance interaction with the brand, from creative campaign to new visual identity and a global music program. The new platform will also bring experiential, off-pack, TV, and digital content to life, focusing especially on the new marketing experience for consumers with real-time social marketing.

Shrenik Dasani, Sprite's Global Brand Director said "We're excited to be launching the first ever global platform for the 'Sprite' brand. With its humorous take on the many physical and mental challenges of everyday life, the new Heat Happens platform reminds us to stay cool, whatever the circumstance."

In Thailand, this is the first time 'Sprite' is making an effort to address local relevance by collaborating with the brand presenter 'Violette Wautier', and the 'heater gang', whose role is to generate buzz for the heaters and heat your temper with various types of pranks, in order to create disruptive experiences that help Gen Z recognize the mental and physical heat present all around them and offer 'Sprite No Sugar' as the ultimate cut through refreshment that can relieve it at any time, whether at home or on the go. The campaign will reach consumers both physically and digitally through extensive social media channels with 'Violette Wautier' and KOLs, demonstrating how 'Sprite No Sugar' cools down heated moments, rolling out over the coming months.

Richa Singh, Marketing Director, Coca-Cola Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos shared that "It is undeniable that heat happens most of the time in Thailand, and we have always strived to listen to what our consumers want and need. Coca-Cola recognized that there was an increasing demand for low to no sugar beverages, therefore 'Sprite No Sugar' was introduced in 2019 to satisfy customer needs, as well as an innovative 'Sprite' Clear Bottle design in order to make it easier to recycle in 2020. We recognize that many Thais look forward to trying new things. As a result, we are excited to present to Thai consumers, our bold and unique concept on how we will roll out the platform across our markets as the pioneer country, to enjoy this new journey, playing a role in reducing heat with 'Sprite No Sugar' from a seriously warming and chaotic world.

'Sprite' and 'Sprite No Sugar' are available at modern and traditional stores, and e-commerce channels across Thailand. To stay up to date on what's coming, checkout the official Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter channels of 'Sprite' Thailand or visit https://www.facebook.com/THSprite

The Coca-Cola system in Thailand consists of Coca-Cola (Thailand) Limited as the brand proprietor responsible for marketing activities, and its two local bottling partners - ThaiNamthip Ltd responsible for 63 provinces around Thailand and HaadThip Public Company Ltd serving 14 southern provinces.

The Coca-Cola system in Thailand is the nationwide market leader for non-alcoholic beverages. In addition to

Coca-Cola, the Coca-Cola system's portfolio of beverages in Thailand includes Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Schweppes, A&W Root Beer, Minute Maid Splash, Minute Maid Pulpy, Namthip and BonAqua.

Source: Hill & Knowlton