Thailand with "Yugyeom" is hotter than ever, perfectly wrapped up 2 rounds of "1st Live in Bangkok" as an all rounder!!

Monday 29 August 2022 15:31
Giving love and caring for each other is not hard to be seen; whether it is artist caring for fans or fans supporting the artist. These are all happened in 2 rounds of "2022 YUGYEOM 1st Live in Bangkok" promoted by the top-tier Thai promoter Feoh Co., Ltd. partnering with AOMG label, top of the top hip-hop label in Korea music industry, bringing the stunning and talented KIM YUGYEOM aka YUGYEOM of GOT7 whom Ahgase (fandom name) always cherish a lot to Thailand.
Thailand with Yugyeom is hotter than ever, perfectly wrapped up 2 rounds of 1st Live in Bangkok as an all rounder!!

As we know that the first full scale solo stage in Thailand of YUGYEOM is hotter than summer till the tickets were sold out in a blink for both Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th August shows. The venue were completely filled with Ahgases making Impact Exhibition Hall 5 Muang Thong Thani and the entrance hall became small. The show started on time, warmed up before meeting YUGYEOM with special show from DJ WEGUN mashing up various mega hits from both GOT7 and AOMG for fans to dance along then YUGYEOM kicked off the show dressing in a hip black jacket with the first song 'I Want U Around' (Feat. DeVita) followed by 'Running Through The Rain' showcasing his performance and vocal skills as a true all rounder.

"Let's have fun together today" said YUGYEOM hyping Thai Ahgases to enjoy his show tonight then continued with 'When U Fall' making all fans wave their hands and light sticks throughout the song followed by 'Falling In Love', "I'm so glad everyone come to support me a lot. Because everyone come to cheer me a lot so this can happen."

Keeping up with 'All About U' before entering a short ment YUGYEOM humbly confessed that "It's like my heart is going to explode now. I'm not such an important person but everyone still gives me lots of love and support. I'm lost for words." Followed by a hits combo starting with "Lights" produced by himself together with DJ WEGUN, 'Take You Down' (Feat. Coogie) and 'All Your Fault' (Feat. GRAY)

YUGYEOM was so impressed with all the overwhelming cheers and screams throughout the concert till he asked "Where do you get this energy from?" making the show heated up with 2 more hit songs from his senior Jay Park like 'MOMMAE' and 'All I Wanna Do' which YUGYEOM totally nailed the stage especially for the part when he pulled up his shirt revealing his signature dandelion tattoo that everyone is anticipating to keep a BANGKOK version into the collection after BERLIN / MUNICH / OBERHAUSEN / PARIS / LONDON / MANILA which are the tour stops he already performed before coming to Thailand.

It's time to show his powerful vocal again with 'Always Ready', an unofficial release track of YUGYEOM, followed by a dance performance where he introduced his dance crew as a team that performing with him since he was young showing amazing moves gaining tons of cheers from fans before bidding farewell with the last song 'Love The Way' (Feat. Jay Park & Punchnello)

Of course, Ahgases certainly not just let their beloved gone like this, the fan chant "KIM YUGYEOM! KIM YUGYEOM!" was roaring!! YUGYEOM was back on stage again with 'Hard Carry' then went down the stage to greet fans closely. He revealed that this song is one of the favorites of GOT7 members, spoke to fans in Thai "Sanook Mak" (Very entertaining) and invited all Ahgases to take photos together as well as thanked you for the fan project today. He was fulfilled by the love from fans until he confessed he would like to hug everyone and lovingly gave a big hug to the fan project banner as a representative of all Ahgases. "You prepared this for me so I'm impressed again. I want to hug each of you one by one. Thank you very much. I will hug this banner like I'm hugging all of you. Thank you so much for creating this impressive and good memories for me."

The show concluded with 2 songs from GOT7 like 'Two' and '1+1' ensuring that his gratitude towards fans will be sealed in Ahgases' heart forever; "From my debut until now, I'm always surprised and talks to the members asking whether we are that important till everyone loves us this much? In return, as much as I could, I will be an artist everyone can be proud of. I will put all my effort on vocal training. I will actively practice dancing also song writing and composing. I will always thinking about everyone… Rak Na (Love ya)". Wrapping up 2 rounds of the "2022 YUGYEOM 1st Live in Bangkok" concert with the clearest and sweetest "Rak Na" doubled the warmness and doubled the impressiveness for 200%. ** Stay tuned for the next project of Feoh at the official Facebook fan page Twitter @FeohThai and Instagram FeohThai (@feoh.thai)

Source: Feoh

Thailand with Yugyeom is hotter than ever, perfectly wrapped up 2 rounds of 1st Live in Bangkok as an all rounder!!