Dr. Royol Chitradon awarded prestigious "Ratanarajasuda Information Technology Award Foundation 2021," the highest accolade for IT professionals

Tuesday 20 September 2022 11:30
Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, in her capacity as Advisory Chairperson of the Ratanarajasuda Information Technology Award Foundation, presented the second "Ratanarajasuda Information Technology Award 2021" to Dr. Royol Chittradon, who has made significant contributions in the field of information technology to society and the nation as a whole, and whose works are evident and concrete in applying advanced information technology to better manage community water resources. His accomplishments have helped transform the people's way of life and improve their quality of life in a sustainable manner. The royal award consists of two million baht in cash, a gold pin, and a plaque with a certificate of an honor.
Dr. Royol Chitradon awarded prestigious Ratanarajasuda Information Technology Award Foundation 2021, the highest accolade for IT professionals

As one of the specialists in water resource management in Thailand, Dr. Royol Chitradon began a research project titled "Management of Water Resources to Solve Flooding Problems in Community Areas. " He designed the Weather 901 system to monitor changes in weather conditions, water situations, rainfalls, and wind direction across the globe in order to send real-time climate information and formulate a plan to assist people in a timely manner. The system has developed into the "National Water and Climate Data Warehouse," which is the nation's new water resource management system based on advanced information technology, integrating water resource management-related databases, knowledge, research, and data science in order to provide actionable answers to water issues across the country. This system is accessible to anyone on www.thaiwater.net and the ThaiWater mobile application, which will not only be used by agencies and organizations, but also by the general public, who can track the water and weather condition independently, anywhere, at any time, for free.

Dr. Royol has carried out other significant information technology development initiatives, including a compact mobile telemeter system, a data grid, and a geographical information infrastructure, among others. He pursues royally initiated projects in the area of community water resource management in accordance with the principles of the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy, simultaneously resolving flooding and drought issues and developing areas in irrigated zones to ensure reliable supply of water, while also creating modest structure to oversee water management in non-irrigated areas. These efforts have helped to combine a number of methods considered appropriate to local conditions in order to systematically develop water, agriculture, and energy, all of which contribute to the promotion of strategic community water resource management. To achieve sustainable development, it is necessary for local communities and their networks to work together to strike a healthy economic and social balance.

By understanding the interplay between communities and nature, Dr. Royol 's concept of systematic problem solving, along with the development and use of information technology to aid in supporting community water management operations and changing the lives of the people in the community, has allowed them to achieve their goal of having sufficient water for both consumption and agricultural use. Since farmers can plant crops at any time of the year and local economies can benefit from an abundance of natural resources, these communities will be more resilient to climate change and natural disasters like floods and droughts. They are also better able to find long-term solutions to issues like poverty. Currently, Dr. Royol serves as the Board Chairman of the Hydro-Informatics Institute (HII), in addition to serving on various other boards and committees for charitable and nonprofit organizations dedicated to improving local communities.

Dr. Thaweesak Koanantakool, Chairman of the Ratanarajasuda Information Technology Award Foundation said, "Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn has graciously bestowed the name Ratanarajasuda Information Technology Award Foundation and granted permission for the royal acronym "SorThor" to be inscribed on the logo of the foundation. Having the "Ratanarajasuda Information Technology Award" named after Her Royal Highness is an additional source of great pride.

Never before has any organization in Thailand staged what is widely regarded as the most coveted distinction in information technology among Thai people. After its inception in 2020 with Professor Dr. Pairat Thatchayapong as the inaugural honoree, Dr. Royol is the award's second recipient. This award was established by the Foundation in recognition of the critical role that IT professionals play in our society and economy, with the hope that the recipients will serve as inspirations for the next generation of IT innovators and leaders. Thailand's competitiveness and standard of living will both benefit from these achievements. The award recognizes Thai personnel, whether from the public or commercial sector, who have succeeded in creating, developing, and embracing the use of information technology. It also plays a vital part in the creation of works, inventions, or innovations and creates the groundwork for information technology, leading to change and having a substantial impact on the economy, society, environment, public health, education, and other areas. These awardees have made significant contributions to society and the nation as a whole, with their efforts yielding concrete benefits for its most vulnerable, young, elderly members.

Each year, the Ratanarajasuda Information Award Foundation will solicit nominations from public and private organizations, foundations, associations, and educational institutions for the award. The award will be judged by a panel of seven specialists, led by Professor Emeritus Dr. Kasem Watanachai, and eleven members of the Foundation's committee, over whom I presided. The committee determined that Dr. Royol Chitradon will receive the "Ratanarajasuda Information Technology Award" for the year 2021 after a rigorous evaluation procedure. His commitment to the advancement of information technology has greatly benefited society and the nation as a whole. It is apparent that his work has produced tangible, multifaceted outcomes in the use of advanced information technology to community water management. It also contributes to changing lives and enhancing people's quality of life, enabling less privileged members of the community to earn a living through agricultural work and boosting Thailand's competitiveness. This development will have favorable effects on the economy, society, and environment. Therefore, he is regarded as an information technology professional who

is a true model of sustainable development and is a person who is very well suited to receive the Ratanarajasuda Information Technology Award."

For more information about the award, please visit Ratanarajasuda Information Technology Foundation Award Foundation's website at www.rita.or.th.

Source: Siam Commercial Bank

Dr. Royol Chitradon awarded prestigious Ratanarajasuda Information Technology Award Foundation 2021, the highest accolade for IT professionals