DWP Paving the Way toward the Sustainable World by Appointing a Foremost Designer - Tina Inthong to Lead the Team to Create Green Space

Friday 30 September 2022 09:46
DWP Paving the Way toward the Sustainable World by Appointing a Foremost Designer - Tina Inthong to Lead the Team to Create Green Space Under the Concept of Biophilic Design.
DWP Paving the Way toward the Sustainable World by Appointing a Foremost Designer - Tina Inthong to Lead the Team to Create Green Space

As opposed to a fad that has passed and vanished, the concept of sustainability is a way of life that is accepted worldwide and by numerous businesses. It involves adjusting the proportion of the organisation so that it is uniformly moving in the same direction. This necessitates a shift in the context of living and working to accommodate the new world. To assist in bringing nature closer to people's lifestyles, a sustainable design concept is unavoidable. Design Worldwide Partnership (DWP), an international architecture and design consulting firm with decades of experience in Thailand and plenty of international awards, has always emphasised this shifting trend. As a result, the Sustainable Group, a team consisting of sustainable design consultants, was formed to support the initiative to work following the concept of Biophilic Design.

Ms. Tina Inthong, a senior FF&E designer with a degree in Architectural Design and Interior Design from a prestigious Italian institution and extensive experience in the design industry, commented on the trend, stating, "At present, the world has adopted a new way of life. People have been alienated from nature due to similar constraints. We have recently understood the significance of nature, so DWP, a leader in designing, has worked under the concept of Biophilic Design. This design brings nature back into the urban society to meet the increasing demands of this group of customers. DWP's Biophilic Design in Thailand focuses on green areas and common areas of every residential project so that everyone can benefit. An example is a large hall that is tall enough to provide a view of the surrounding landscape, as well as pristine light shining through the structure."

In addition, she stated, "As a designer, projects requiring the Biophilic Design concept will be processed according to the following three principles: Direct Contact or from humans to humans whose purpose is to use trees and plants to decorate, to utilise natural wind and light to reach the residents directly; Indirect Contact or the use of simulation of natural elements, structures, and different shapes; The Use of Natural Substitutes, such as using laminated wood instead of real wood and selecting tiles instead of natural stones, to create the most fulfilled feeling possible. The aforementioned examples are based on human instinct, emphasising transparency, translucency, and openness. COCO PARC MANAGED BY DUSIT ON RAMA 4 is another project that flawlessly follows the concept, as it has a clearly visible lobby area that is higher than 6 meters, and decoration from wood as the primary material, alternating with the design of the clear, curved, multi-shaped walls. In addition, the building is surrounded by green trees, an essential aspect of the project. While the interior of the building is adorned with natural, renewable materials, each zone satisfies the necessities of life, with a variety of areas set aside for private recreation. Even though the project is in the city, we want this area to be where residents of all lifestyles can coexist harmoniously.

Ms. Tina added, "The distinguishing characteristic of various projects based on the Biophilic Design concept is that we collaborate with community members to promote an environmentally friendly circular economy by encouraging the use of local products and natural resources. For example, the ligneous material utilized by DWP is cultivated for a specific purpose; subsequently, trees are replanted to prevent deforestation and reduce imports. We also purchase marble materials from well-known communities in Saraburi; additionally, we prefer and support decorative handicrafts from the communities in the northern and northeastern regions, thereby assisting communities in generating income."

In response to the concept, Ms. Tina elaborated, "Many projects have placed their trust in DWP because DWP has clear standpoints in design concept and its business partners are aware of the importance of sustainable designs. For example, the project under THE FORESTIAS by MQDC is a perfect example of biophilic design, with a new forest plantation in the middle of the city. It is the first project in Thailand and Southeast Asia to focus exclusively on sustainability. As a designer, it is unclear whether Biophilic Design will be a financial success. However, in terms of sustainability and passing on the future world to the next generation, it is precious to all of us who must collaborate to make it sustainable. Although Biophilic Design may appear to be a new concept, it is all around us, such as when we plant trees indoors or construct a home with glass windows with openings for air circulation. We may not know in which direction we should steer the sustainability concept yet; however, DWP is one of the first organisations to focus on this issue, and its Sustainable Group is ready to use in-depth knowledge to professionally provide consulting services, which has been well received. Finally, we have numerous ongoing projects which will be gradually launched by the end of 2022."

DWP is redefining the term "Biophilic Design" by creating a green space design in Thailand and other places to pass on the sustainable future world to global posterity.

Source: PLA Communication

DWP Paving the Way toward the Sustainable World by Appointing a Foremost Designer - Tina Inthong to Lead the Team to Create Green Space