Explore the amazing underwater world at "Seacon Bangkae."

Friday 18 November 2022 10:28
Seacon Bangkae Shopping Center presents to you a wonderful underwater kingdom where you can see exotic shellfish and more than 500 colorful marine lives up close, including the most poisonous cone shell, the largest giant clam in the world, sea slugs or queens of the sea, electric flame scallops, moray eels and more. See a collection of rare shells and explore the world under the deep blue sea through many activities, such as tiny snail observation, interactive touch pool, and shop for food and items at a virtual fishermen's village. You can find all of these at "Apimaha…Hoi 3" from November 25 to December 5, 2022 at the Central Courtyard, 1st floor, Seacon Bangkae Shopping Center, Petchkasem Road.
Explore the amazing underwater world at Seacon Bangkae.

Source: 4D Communications