"Tsubohachi" Japanese restaurant launches "World Cup Special Set" promotion, staring at 676 baht

Friday 02 December 2022 09:08
"Tsubohachi", a leading Japanese restaurant from Hokkaido, Japan, has launched a "World Cup Special Set" promotion to celebrate World Cup 2022. The promotion offers quality Japanese set meals, starting at 676 baht, available at all branches of Tsubohachi (except The Portal) until 18 December 2022 (or until further notice).
Tsubohachi Japanese restaurant launches World Cup Special Set promotion, staring at 676 baht

There are two set meals to choose from. Set A (only 676 baht from the original price of 797 baht) includes "Salmon Sashimi" using fresh Norwegian salmon, "Tobiko Salmon Roll", sushi rolls that are packed with Tobiko (flying fish roe), salmon, cucumber and tamago (Japanese omelet), and "Okonomiyaki Style Ika Tempura", squid tempura topped with Okonomiyaki sauce. Set B (only 949 baht from the original price of 1,117 baht) comprises "Ebi Tempura", giant shrimp tempura which is crunchy on the outside and tender, soft on the inside, "Salmon Spicy Yum", a spicy diced salmon salad, and "Salmon Zanmai", assorted salmon sushi including California Roll, salmon maki topped with salmon roe, and salmon sushi, in total of 14 pieces.

Fill your belly with these delicacies at "Tsubohachi" Japanese restaurant and get ready to cheer on your favorite football team. For reservation, please call 064-184-7109. For latest updates and new promotions, please visit Facebook and Instagram: TsubohachiTh or stay connected with the restaurant via LINE Official Account: @tsubohachith.

Source: IMPACT Exhibition Management