Ooca Closes Series A Investment Deal with BDMS

Tuesday 07 February 2023 11:33
Ooca, a mental health telemedicine application that provides counselling services with psychiatrists and psychologists, has closed its Series A funding deal - the critical funding stage for all startups - with Bangkok Dusit Medical Services PLC (BDMS). BDMS and Ooca aim to make mental health care easily accessible, change people's attitudes towards mental health to regard it as a normal matter, and leverage Thailand's public health standards in order to maximize the country's capabilities and competence for future generations.

Dr. Kanpassorn (Eix) Suriyasangpetch, the founder of Ooca, commented, "Ooca is the first and largest digital mental wellness platform in Thailand that provides counselling services with psychiatrists and psychologists online since 2017. We have a strong determination to initiate and shift mental health norms in our society.

Currently, over 180,000 users across Thailand have experienced our services through the application. Five years ago, most people may not have been familiar with mental healthcare or seen how mental health can be supported through telemedicine, but now having a video call with psychiatrists or psychologists has become more popular and widely practiced. This is one of Ooca's achievements - as an innovative leader in leveraging new counselling standards among other traditional mental health services and changing people's perspectives towards mental health."

Dr. Patcharin Boonyarungsun, Vice President - BDMS Sustainability, Quality, and Innovation Management at Bangkok Dusit Medical Services, PLC., added, "Bangkok Dusit Medical Services PLC aims to improve medical treatments and services efficiency to global standards. We have been scouting for cutting-edge technology from startups globally to ensure our services are tailored to the most advanced technology used in medical treatment, thus providing efficient services. Health tech startups in Thailand have great potential, comparable to or even surpassing that of foreign companies. BDMS is committed to aiding Thailand's health tech startups, created by and for Thai people.BDMS is committed to fostering innovation through collaboration and support. We have always been collaborating closely with government agencies, medical schools, and startups to leverage medical services in both physical and mental health, which is a significant factor regarding sustainability and life quality improvement. Last but not least, BDMS strongly believes that we can be part of the journey that helps leverage Thai public health standards and increase Thailand's capabilities towards the future."

Ooca is excited for BDMS's involvement in this Series A investment.BDMS and Ooca have joined forces to help Ooca reach its goal of becoming Thailand's No.1 provider of mental health services, both online and offline. Ooca and BDMS are now collaborating to create and promote initiatives that make mental health care accessible to all, a priority that is just as important as physical health. Ooca's plan is to expand its service within mental wellness verticals to be able to walk hand-in-hand with its clients in a wider range of stages.

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Source: Ooca