Chia Tai Upholds Leadership in Agricultural Innovation in Chia Tai Field Day 2023 Launching Thailand's First Oblong Watermelon with Black Skin

Tuesday 07 February 2023 15:14
Chia Tai Seed by Chia Tai Company Limited, Thailand's leading innovative agricultural company, hosts Chia Tai Field Day 2023 to demonstrate the company's strong potential of plant breeding innovation, as well as to present high-quality seeds from a variety of plant species and reflect its readiness to advance into the agriculture of the future under the concept of "Seeds of Success" at Chiang Mai Research Station, Hang Dong District, Chiang Mai Province.
Chia Tai Upholds Leadership in Agricultural Innovation in Chia Tai Field Day 2023 Launching Thailand's First Oblong Watermelon with Black Skin

Chia Tai Seed has diligently researched and produced a broad range of plant varieties to make sure that they have greater productivity and resistance to disease, as well as being able to adapt to shifting weather conditions, all in keeping with the objective of ensuring food security for people across the region. In so doing, Chia Tai aspires to improve the agricultural sector and advance towards sustainable agriculture in the future.

Mr. Supat Mekiyanon, Assistant Vice President, Seed Business of Chia Tai Company Limited, explained about Chia Tai's vision and determination in plant breeding development, "For over a century, Chia Tai Seed has partnered with Thai farmers and been committed to providing them with high-quality seeds. However, in light of shifting market behavior and the influx of agricultural products from overseas, farmers today are seeking ways to boost their capacity. As such, Chia Tai aims to actively explore agricultural technologies and solutions to address current issues in agriculture. In this regard, one of Chia Tai Seed's missions is to continuously enhance plant varieties so that farmers may grow in a high-quality manner to seamlessly meet consumer demand.

At present, Chia Tai has 9 local and international research and development stations, including the Chiang Mai Research Station, which was originally founded 37 years ago. More notably, Chia Tai has recently launched Manu Chiaravanond Building, which is the company's latest research facility in Kanchanaburi Province. This research site is completely equipped with cutting-edge machinery and tools to support biotechnology research in various fields, including Molecular Biology and Cell Biology, as well as Plant Pathology. All in all, these initiatives demonstrate Chia Tai's commitment to breeding a variety of plant species, while reaffirming the company's leadership in the seed industry and contributing to food security to people across the region on a sustainable basis."

Mr. Chaiwut Sompan, Assistant Vice President, Commercial Seed Business of Chia Tai Company Limited, further added, "After the COVID-19 pandemic situation, Chia Tai organizes Chia Tai Field Day once again to demonstrate that, throughout the years, Chia Tai has never stopped expanding seed business to become the regional center of local produce. In this grand event, visitors will not only find a wide range of plant varieties, but also fascinating new plant species like the Black Bomb 006 watermelon, which will be introduced here for the first time and is regarded as Thailand's first oblong watermelon with black skin successfully bred by Chia Tai. Furthermore, farmers and business partners of Chia Tai from across the world will be able to observe the company's research and development potential, which will significantly help foster trust in the caliber of Chia Tai's products and services. In addition, agricultural technologies for the future, such as smart greenhouses and agricultural drones, are on display at the event. In essence, these attempts perfectly underline Chia Tai's ambition to thrive and grow alongside all farmers and partners."

Chia Tai Field Day 2023 showcases key agricultural innovations for the future under the theme "Seeds of Success" through four exhibition zones. The first zone is called "Happy Home Garden" zone and it emphasizes the production of healthy, fresh, and clean food supplies by growing vegetables at home. Everyone may perform this activity in their own household as it is obviously simple and practical.

The next second zone is referred as "Seed Innovation" zone. It exhibits techniques for breeding development using safe biotechnology, while also presenting a demonstration agricultural plot where high-quality plant varieties are cultivated. Besides, this zone notably presents this year's highlights, including the bi-color sweet "Waxy Iris" glutinous corn, the large "Jom Tup" wax gourd with a nice whitish waxy covering and no hollowness, as well as the special introduction of Thailand's first oblong "Black Bomb 006" watermelon with black skin. To illustrate, the "Black Bomb 006" watermelon stands out for its delightful texture, delectable flavor, sweetness, crunchiness, nice aroma, small seed size, attractive fruit shape, uniform weight, and transportation resistance, making it a value-adding crop for the Thai watermelon market.

The third zone is "Agriculture of the Future" zone, where visitors can learn about growing crops in greenhouses which not only help maintain a controlled atmosphere suited for cultivation, but also create high-quality produce that meets standards. It will also feature a demonstration of a high-performance agricultural drone by FarmInno (Thailand), Chia Tai's new brand of agricultural technology. Its products and services will obviously help Thai farmers increase output, conserve energy, and make farming smarter and more convenient.
Finally, the fourth zone is called "Farmer's Quality of Life" zone, which highlights the achievements of both domestic and overseas farmers who have used Chia Tai seeds. This reflects Chia Tai's commitment to continuously enhancing people's quality of life on a sustainable basis.

The event also offers a wide selection of sweet treats and drinks made from fresh Chia Tai produce ingredients, such as cream cheese pumpkin muffins, homemade grilled corn flavored ice cream, melon sorbet, watermelon sorbet, watermelon smoothies, melon smoothies, and tomato smoothies. All these are not only tasty and satisfying, but also bring good health as they are made from high-quality produce.

Chia Tai Field Day 2023 highlights the company's capabilities in plant breeding research and development, as well as its commitment to being the source of high-quality food by delivering products and services that serve as the foundation for quality food and support food security for every household.

Source: Chia Tai

Chia Tai Upholds Leadership in Agricultural Innovation in Chia Tai Field Day 2023 Launching Thailand's First Oblong Watermelon with Black Skin