Huawei Thailand announces new CEO together with the unveiling of its strategy to enable digital talents and developers, drive forward sustainable Thailand

Tuesday 07 February 2023 16:05
Today, Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. formally appointed Mr. David Li as their new Chief Executive Officer at their "HUAWEI Meet the Press 2023 - Episode 1" media event held at G Tower, The Grand Rama 9. Under Mr. Li's leadership, Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has pledged to continue its efforts to sustainably strengthen and expand its business in Thailand, as revealed during the unveiling of Huawei's new business strategy for the Thai market in 2023. The event showcased Huawei's ongoing commitment to the advancement of its intelligent technology units, which includes 5G, EBG, cyber security, and digital talents. Topics discussed also concentrated on the importance of enable more "Cloud" and "Digital Power" Digital Talent and Developer Development in Thailand. Moreover, the event further highlighted Huawei Thailand's achievements in advancing 5G Technology, Cloud, Digital Power, the development of intelligent technology ecosystems, strengthen Cyber Security, and the advancement of ICT talent in promoting the company's "Grow in Thailand, Contribute to Thailand" mission.
Huawei Thailand announces new CEO together with the unveiling of its strategy to enable digital talents and developers, drive forward sustainable Thailand

Mr. David Li, new CEO of Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd., discussed the company's plans for Thailand in 2023: "We will jointly drive Thailand towards becoming the digital hub of ASEAN and will push forward intelligent industries, starting with the development of tele-communication infrastructure to enable more connectivity which we believe it is a basic human right and connectivity will help drive social progress. Huawei will use fiber technology to bridge everyone into the digital world. In addition, Huawei will expand network in rural areas this year and will be working with partners to provide high quality and affordable 5G service. Last but not least, Huawei is committed to promoting cybersecurity awareness in Thailand by sharing our knowledge and experience in cybersecurity, particularly in relation to 5G technologies to regulators, industries, and our customers. We also plan to enhance the efficiency of cybersecurity and data protection for Thailand's ICT infrastructure in order to strengthen the country's cyber ecosystem and data protection credibility. Huawei will support businesses and startups in Thailand to adopt secure and reliable cloud solutions that comply with the country's Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) with the aim to enhance the Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI) for the country".

Mr. Li also added that Huawei's goal is not only to achieve business success, but also commit to contributing social values and cultivating local digital talents. In 2023, Huawei Thailand will be placing a strong emphasis on focus on building ICT personnel in Thailand with the goal of cultivating 20,000 developers within 3 years, drive the digitalization of industries. We aim to develop relevant technology skills for local developers to improve Thailand's digital technologies through activities, skill-building workshops, and certification via Huawei's various training programs, such as the SMEs' incubator program "Spark Ignite", the Social Digital Bus project, which will extend to cover 10 provinces and train up to 2,000 students; the continuation of the Talent Talk seminars, which will have an additional four more sessions to help strengthen the digital knowledge of participants across multiple industries; and the Seeds for the Future project, which will include training, scholarships, and youth competition programs to provide Thailand's flourishing workforce with high-quality skills needed for the digital market of the future.

"Furthermore, Huawei Thailand will also focus on building digital talents for Digital Power and intends to expand the growth of the Digital Power business group to become the market leader to help increase Thailand's GDP. We believe that with our leading digital power technology, we will support Thailand by providing solutions and global practice. With high-end local team and partners, we hope that Leading technology and global practice adoption will be able to support Thailand towards ASEAN Neutral Leader." he said.

Mr. David also added about the success of Huawei's business operations in Thailand over the past three years. Huawei has long been a significant driver in developing Thailand's digital economy, predominantly enable 5G in various industries, setting up 3 local data centers for Cloud service, working with more than 300 partners to enter 10 industries with intelligent solutions, enable digital power to support Thailand's carbon neutral goal, share cyber security knowledge, and help develop more than 60,000 digital talents in the country.

Mr. David Li first began working with Huawei as an R&D engineer in 2002, eventually combining his ICT industry experience with strong business management capabilities in multiple markets across the Asia-Pacific region. As a result, he was recognized as an invaluable asset to the company and grew into a highly experienced executive who has distinguished himself in managing local teams in both the Cambodian and Indian market, and whose core strength lies in developing strategies that sustainably drive Huawei's business growth. Upon his officially taking the position of new Chief Executive Officer of Huawei Technology (Thailand) Company Limited, he will bring his extensive expertise, leadership skills, and many decades of hard work to carry on the mission to "Grow in Thailand, Contribute to Thailand" and lead the country to a fully intelligent, connected, environmentally friendly, and sustainable digital economy.

Source: Carl Byoir & Associates