Micro Leasing Becomes a Leader in Loan Services Using Nutanix to Bolster its Infrastructure

Friday 24 February 2023 15:10
Nutanix technology enables Micro Leasing to expand and help its customers be successful
Micro Leasing Becomes a Leader in Loan Services Using Nutanix to Bolster its Infrastructure

Nutanix (NASDAQ: NTNX), a leader in hybrid multicloud computing, today said Micro Leasing PCL. used the Nutanix platform to modernize its datacenter, which enabled it to create a centralized environment to handle applications used by all of its branches across Thailand.

Micro Leasing PCL (MICRO:BKK) is listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand and has almost 3 decades of expertise in used truck hire-purchase. It realizes the significance and necessity of incorporating technology to transform its operating procedures to tackle various challenges and embrace the digital age. It also strives to become a market leader offering a complete range of financial loan services by expanding its businesses and product offerings to support the company's growth and meet customer demands.

Mr. Preeda Iramaneerat, deputy managing director of Business Resources and Investment for Micro Leasing PCL said, "Because we are a financial institution offering hire-purchase services, we must adhere to stringent standards for operational reliability, timeliness, and transparency for all customer services and have robust security for customer data to comply with regulatory requirements.

"Therefore, we require high-performance, flexible, and efficient solutions that are scalable, can handle massive workloads, and provide our branches in 25 locations around the country with simultaneous access to our core applications. Our hire-purchase sales department also must be able to function seamlessly from anywhere, at any time, enhancing our professional image.

"We can confidently say Nutanix helps us meet every one of our needs."

Preeda also noted COVID-19 had presented an unexpected influx of challenges including opportunities to broaden Micro Leasing's services. The logistics industry became the fastest-growing segment during that time frame, so Micro Leasing seized on the opportunity to expand its offerings in that area. The new offerings include refinancing, loans, motorcycle hire-purchase, insurance brokers, and more. "We are able to be resilient during unexpected situations and achieve our goals because we have a long-term strategy to support technological changes today and in the future, which has included using Nutanix since 2018," he said.

Micro Leasing modernized the legacy infrastructure in its datacenter using Nutanix's hyperconverged infrastructure. Moreover, Nutanix solutions have enabled it to improve its programs and disaster recovery systems, including the virtual desktops that enable its employees to access the company operating system from anywhere, and centralize and simplify the management of its IT from any one of its branches nationwide.

Micro Leasing also aims to strengthen its IT through automation and cloud computing. Preeda said, "We are currently evaluating Nutanix's hybrid multicloud solution and expect to install it soon since we are confident it will enable us to utilize the performance and capabilities of the cloud with total efficiency and achieve the security needed to protect our customers' data."

Mr. Han Chon, MD Sales - ASEAN, at Nutanix, said, "Having our products and services chosen by Micro Leasing is a tremendous honor for Nutanix. Nutanix's hyperconverged infrastructure and our extensive solution suite are helping Micro Leasing achieve its current and future objectives".

"Our hybrid multicloud solution will also help Micro Leasing achieve its goals of embracing private and public clouds. Moreover, it will enable them to develop innovative businesses and customer services, both online and offline, across multiple platforms in a short time with safety and stability."

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