The 133rd Canton Fair: Dazzling Outdoor Touring and Relaxing Goods Create a Good Outing Experience

Thursday 20 April 2023 08:45
In the first spring after the world rebounds from the pandemic, 7,800 outdoor touring and leisure products from 360 exhibitors are on display at the 133rd China Import and Export Fair ("Canton Fair", "the Fair") online, have become a significant sector for global buyers to explore. A diverse variety of short-distance outdoor touring and leisure products will bring more fun and joy to outdoor enthusiasts all around the world.
The 133rd Canton Fair: Dazzling Outdoor Touring and Relaxing Goods Create a Good Outing Experience

Zhejiang Hengfeng Top Leisure Co., Ltd. ("Top Leisure"), an outdoor leisure products manufacturer with decades of devoted experience who sells well of fishing gear, outdoor tents, garden furniture, and bags in more than 60 countries and regions, including Europe, America, and Asia, brings its new hiking backpacks to the Canton Fair.

With the integrated knit suspension design, the chest strap and padded shoulder and waist belts can be adjusted to allow hikers to obtain a more comfortable and energy-saving experience. In addition, the backpack is also equipped with a protective cover, an elastic mesh bag, a mesh water bottle bag, compression measuring equipment, and other accessories, that can meet the individual needs of all hikers. 

Fujian Auplex Kamado Grill Co., Ltd. ("Auplex"), manufacturer of ceramic and metal grills, also joins the Fair with its exhibits spanning all sizes of ceramic grills, which are the must-have cookware for camping and outings with friends and family.

"Camping and outings have been popular," said Vivian Zhu, General Manager of Auplex. "Therefore, we pay more attention to technological innovation that enhances the user experience."

Auplex adopts the innovatively developed frosted glaze surface treatment process, equipped with a bow handle design, which makes the product more beautiful and richer in texture. This product benefits from the unique egg-shaped structure design of the oven, and the internal circulation and airtight space formed during cooking can better lock the food moisture and restore the natural taste itself. In addition, it also has the functions of low-temperature roasting, medium-temperature smoking, and high-temperature baking, allowing outdoor activity lovers to enjoy a wonderful food experience while admiring the natural beauty.

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