Thailand celebrates the successful comeback of Thai New Year Songkran 2023 at Central Pattana's landmark shopping centres across the country

Thursday 20 April 2023 14:57
The fun vibe of the Thai Songkran Festival has begun, where massive of people around the word came out to celebrate and enjoy water splashing for the first time after three years. This year, Central Pattana has included memorable moments in each region nationwide, where people escape the heat to experience the beauty of Thai culture as well as entertainment from world-class music festivals at Central shopping centers, Songkran landmark of each region, across the country under campaign 'THAILAND'S SONGKRAN FESTIVAL 2023'

Experience a fantastic music festival as well as immerse the beauty of local traditions of each region in Thailand click 

Central Pattana has joined hands with partners to put forward Songkran festival with spectacular entertainment activities that combine both cultural and entertainment aspects e.g. the water festival, the best water-splashing spot in the heart of the city at centralwOrld. The festival achievements included Superfluid, a world-class music festival among the water flow, a Buddha image water-pouring ceremony, - 'Khon' performances and retro markets.

The highlight of Songkran landmarks took place nationwide at Central Phuket - Big Island Water Fun, the largest EDM party on the island, Central Pattaya - Water Splash Festival packed with popular artists and DJs,  the free concert at Central Korat in 'PEPSI Presents Songkran Korat 2023', Central Khonkaen - hosted a free concert and meet a famous artists, Central Hatyai Songkran Festival, the largest Songkran event in the south region, Central Chiangmai Songkran FunFest 2023, the largest Songkran landmark in the North, Central Chiangrai - Chang Songkarn NEON Party concert, Central WestGate - Westgate Songkran Concert 2023. Highlights cultural activities such as Central Pinklao - hosted the special 'Khon' performance of Ban Narasilp, Central Salaya - hosted a mini-scale 'Khon' show from Srinakharinwirot University Prasarnmit Demonstration School (Elementary), Central Chiangmai Airport - the Paslop dance of 500 dancers, the largest Paslop dance show in the North, Central Udon - Somtam Entertainment contest, Central Suratthani - showed over 50 amazing kites at the World Champion International Kites Show and Songkran Wanlai Festival 2023 at Central Pattaya hosted fresh splash festival of the year featuring popular artists, DJs and fun free concert.

Source:  Central Pattana