Pie Systems Offers Free Internet Service to "PIE VAT" App Users Visiting Japan, Using 5G eSIM

Wednesday 26 April 2023 13:00
- Free Internet Service Available by Downloading Tax-Free Shopping App "PIE VAT" -

Pie Systems Japan Co., Ltd., a leading travel tech company which provides the VAT refund solution "PIE VAT" and a subsidiary of Pie Systems Inc., has started providing 5G eSIM for free to PIE VAT app users visiting Japan (*). Users can access the service by downloading tax-free shopping app PIE VAT.

PIE VAT is a digital platform delivering delightful tourism, starting with digitizing tax-free shopping for merchants and tourists. Merchants can set up PIE VAT on their PCs or tablets without hardware integration. Tourists can easily claim their VAT refunds when traveling abroad with the PIE VAT app. PIE VAT can reduce the operational burden for merchants and improve shopping experience for tourists.

Image: eSIM set up within PIE VAT

About free 5G eSIM via PIE VAT

  • Users can easily and quickly set up the eSIM via PIE VAT. The eSIM allows them to access the internet and complete VAT refund procedures using the free internet service. (Users are not required to go through complicated procedures such as purchasing a SIM card or replacing their SIM card.)
  • Users can enjoy a high-speed, stress-free communications environment with the eSIM that supports 5G.
  • Users can use 1GB of data free for a maximum of 30 days.
    (If they exceed 1GB of data usage, they can continue to stay connected with the eSIM by making in-app purchases.)

Hiroaki Mizuno, Chief Executive Officer of Pie Systems Japan, commented: "Stable internet connections are indispensable for tourists to enjoy their stays in their destinations. With the eSIM free internet service provided by Pie Systems, users can set up eSIM easily and quickly and access the internet via PIE VAT. We provide users with a high-speed and stress-free communications environment through the eSIM that supports 5G. Users can easily claim their VAT refunds with the PIE VAT app at PIE VAT partner stores and shopping malls.

"PIE VAT is a travel platform to connect travelers with retailers/merchants. The app serves as a bridge between them to eliminate various inconveniences during trips. We will continue launching new services to support travelers' wonderful trips."

(*) This free internet service via 5G eSIM is available for PIE VAT app users visiting Japan. PIE VAT users visiting European countries can access fee-based internet service by making in-app purchases.

PIE VAT can be downloaded from:

For details about Pie Systems, visit

Source: Pie Systems Japan Co., Ltd.

Source:  Kyodo JBN-AsiaNet/InfoQuest