Anchored in Sustainability: ROYAL PHUKET MARINA Joins OCEANS FOR ALL's BLUEPASS Program

Tuesday 16 May 2023 09:36
Royal Phuket Marina, Asia's frontrunner in sustainable marina operations, announces its partnership with Oceans for All, joining the esteemed BLUEPASS program. This partnership reinforces ROYAL PHUKET MARINA's steadfast commitment as Asia's top sustainable marina and highlights its unwavering dedication to preserving our precious marine environment.
Anchored in Sustainability: ROYAL PHUKET MARINA Joins OCEANS FOR ALL's BLUEPASS Program

Mr. Gulu Lalvani, Chairman and Founder of Royal Phuket Marina, remarked, "We have pioneered a wave of innovative sustainable initiatives, such as being the first marina in Thailand to harness renewable energy, tripling our solar power capacity in recent years, and wholeheartedly embracing the Plastic-Free Marina Pledge by the Marina Industries Association (MIA)."

General Manager Yves Van Kerrebroeck added, "We've installed state-of-the-art V5 Seabins to filter micro-plastics and floating debris from our marina, while actively collaborating with eco-conscious organizations like Wawa Creations, Oceans for All, and Disabled Sailing Thailand."

As a BLUEPASS member, ROYAL PHUKET MARINA will measure its carbon footprint and offset it by supporting vital marine-life projects through the Oceans for All Foundation, joining a global network of businesses and individuals championing marine conservation efforts.

David Martin, Founder of Oceans for All, stated, "Our mission is to rebalance the marine ecosystem disrupted by the tourism industry. Our groundbreaking projects include coral regrowth initiatives, License to Clean coastal cleaner boats, baby shark nursery programs, and sea grass garden planting." Mr. Martin further announced that ROYAL PHUKET MARINA will proudly host one of the License to Clean coastal cleaners at its marina throughout the year.

ROYAL PHUKET MARINA has ambitious sustainability goals on the horizon, as Mr. Lalvani explained, "We plan to secure a Certificate of Honour through Thailand's Low Emission Support Scheme program, measure and offset our carbon footprint via Thailand's Greenhouse Gas Management Organization, and launch a carbon-offsetting scheme for private and tour boats. Furthermore, we intend to boost our in-house solar power generation, adopt additional sustainable food-sourcing policies, and conduct a comprehensive waste management audit."

Embarking on the BLUEPASS journey, ROYAL PHUKET MARINA continues to navigate the course of sustainable marina operations and environmental stewardship, inspiring marinas around the globe.

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Source: Royal Phuket Marina

Anchored in Sustainability: ROYAL PHUKET MARINA Joins OCEANS FOR ALL's BLUEPASS Program