KTC Makes Headway in Expanding "KTC P BERM Car for Cash" Members via Social Media Reinforcing Its Strengths: Fast Approvals, Instant Cash, and No Guarantor.

Friday 04 August 2023 10:40
KTC make headway in its marketing by advancing towards customers who need credit, teaming up with influencers, and producing 10 different video clips in a row, reaching out repeatedly through online and popular social media channels. KTC hopes to instill the notion of "Think of vehicle title loans, think of KTC P BERM Car for Cash" as one of choices and reinforce its strengths favored by customers: a high credit limit, fast and on-the-spot approval, easy documents, no guarantor requirements. Applicants are also given a full-service cash card with Swipe-Transfer-Withdraw functions for convenience, and peace of mind during emergencies with no fees.

Ms. Rueankeaw Kasemsavatsri, Head of Auto Loan Business, "KTC" or Krungthai Card Public Company Limited, revealed, "Strategies for penetrating the 'KTC P BERM Car for Cash' loan business in the second half of the year will focus on creating awareness to expand the credit portfolio as much as possible. Our set goal is to achieve an additional credit approval amount of 9,000 million baht. We studied customers' lifestyles to explore prospective communication and reach opportunities. We found that target customers spend most of their time working to earn money as a result of having to bear the burden of various expenses. They also often live in the online world. We, therefore, planned our marketing communications to reach these target groups by joining hands with financial, lifestyle, and entertainment influencers to communicate through popular social media channels. Moreover, we produced a large set of video clips of 10 versions focusing on clear, concise, straightforward communication and reinforcing the selling point of our products to create 'Think of car title loans, think of KTC P BERM Car for Cash' recall. The videos also end by driving customers to inquire to use the service. These videos have been published through popular social media channels with many active users such as Youtube, Facebook, TikTok, LINE Ad, or Google Ad since last week and have received satisfactory levels of engagement."

"Regarding the strengths of the 'KTC P BERM Car for Cash' loan that differentiates itself from others in the market lies in its high credit limit, fast and on-the-spot approval, instant cash access, easy documents, and no guarantor requirements. Applicants are also given a cash card to use in emergencies that support swipe-to-purchase, cash transfers, and cash withdrawals with no fees when not in use. As for our communication via YouTube, we present you with 5 different short video clips, each 30 seconds long. The content was inspired by popular game shows and focuses on the viewers' enjoyment to relieve stress with the use of music to emphasize the selling point of the product to make it easy to remember. As for TikTok, we present a series of 5 different video clips between 30 seconds and 1.30 minutes long. Click the following links for video previews on YouTube and TikTok: https://youtu.be/jFTW_Vaehm4, https://youtu.be/STQQRzJM6gg, https://vt.tiktok.com/ZSLaBjvgH/ https://vt.tiktok.com/ZSLac7yDK/ or watch via the KTC P BERM Car for Cash Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ktcpberm."

To apply for "KTC P BERM Car for Cash," click the link: https://ktc.cards/oal or contact 02 123 5300, visit any Krungthai Bank branches or KTC financial advisors nationwide. Moreover, applicants can consult with KTC P BERM at every "KTC TOUCH" service point or use the P BERM Delivery service for easy applications in the comfort of their homes.

Source: Krungthai Card