Maintain your engine in pristine condition while optimizing fuel efficiency with "Shell Helix FuelSave Diesel"

Thursday 07 September 2023 16:26
Shell is making significant strides in the lubricant market by introducing "Shell Helix FuelSave Diesel," the latest and fully synthetic engine oil, meticulously designed to cater specifically to the requirements of diesel engines. Notably, it boasts remarkable fuel-saving capabilities, equivalent to an impressive 22 kilometers per 1,000 kilometers of vehicle usage.1 Utilizing cutting-edge technology that enhances its friction reduction properties, this engine oil goes above and beyond by safeguarding the engine from both residue buildup and wear. Moreover, it offers exceptional value by presenting a generous 6-liter capacity bottle, all at an affordable price of only 2,500 baht. We invite you to embrace the superior benefits of Shell Helix FuelSave Diesel. The more you utilize it, the greater savings you will gain. You can experience its excellence firsthand today, exclusively available at Shell Helix Oil Change+ and at all Shell service stations across the country.
Maintain your engine in pristine condition while optimizing fuel efficiency with Shell Helix FuelSave Diesel

Mr. Kamolpat Baholyodhin, Executive Director - Lubricant Business, The Shell Company of Thailand Limited, said, "To meet the demands of customers who utilize diesel cars and seek enhanced value for their money, while simultaneously ensuring peak engine performance, Shell has introduced the all-new Shell Helix FuelSave Diesel, a cutting-edge, fully synthetic engine oil innovation that is designed for diesel engines. Now available in an expanded 6-liter container, complementing the original 4-liter Shell Helix FuelSave product, this offering provides even greater value. This innovative solution not only aids in fuel conservation and the sustained efficiency of diesel engines, but it also upholds engine cleanliness. As a result, it contributes to a reduction in pollutant emissions and the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. In alignment with Shell's core operational objectives, this advancement solidifies the commitment to keep the world progressing today, for a better tomorrow. Furthermore, the product actively supports Shell's transition to net-zero emissions. This is achieved through a comprehensive approach which focuses on 'avoid, reduce, and compensate', encompassing the range of fuel products provided by Shell to its valued customers."

Shell Helix FuelSave Diesel engine oil is formulated using natural gas which has low friction, effectively preventing the accumulation of residues while safeguarding engine surfaces against wear and tear. This formulation not only sustains optimal performance, but it also extends the engine's operational lifespan. Notably, it has been co-engineered with Shell fuels, resulting in a remarkable fuel efficiency, making it an exceptional choice. When used in conjunction with Shell fuels, it enhances fuel savings even further, boosting the potential to reduce fuel consumption by up to 2.2%, equivalent to approximately 22 kilometers per 1,000 kilometers of vehicle usage.

Mr. Omar Sheikh, Executive Director - Mobility Business at The Shell Company of Thailand Limited, said, "Today, we're very proud to introduce the latest innovation, Shell Helix FuelSave Diesel. This advanced engine oil, available in convenient 6-liter bottles, is the result of a collaborative effort with Shell fuels. It caters specifically to diesel engine users, offering them a premium solution. Customers have the opportunity to purchase a 6-liter supply of Shell Helix FuelSave Diesel engine oil, exclusively accessible at over 400 Shell Helix Oil Change+ nationwide. The package includes a complimentary oil change service provided by expert technicians, ensuring swift and professional care for your vehicle. Furthermore, this innovative product is conveniently accessible at more than 700 Shell gas stations across the country, enhancing accessibility for customers."

In addition to offering high-quality fuel products at Shell service stations, Shell is committed to delivering exceptional vehicle care services to its customers. This includes the provision of High-Performance Charging (HPC) stations, featuring charging capacities of either 180 or 360 kilowatts. Additionally, Shell Helix Oil Change+ stands ready to offer convenient service for Shell Helix FuelSave Diesel engine oil changing.

Customers can also partake in a diverse range of services designed to enhance their daily lives. To adapt to evolving consumer preferences, Shell provides opportunities for added convenience, including refreshments and bakery delights at Shell Cafe, the accessibility of Shell Select stores, as well as various dining options. Collaborating closely with business partners, Shell has extended its offerings to include laundry and other services, promoting mutual growth and development.

Drivers of diesel engines seeking a blend of performance and value can now choose Shell Helix FuelSave Diesel, a fully synthetic engine oil available in a 6-liter size. This option not only helps you unlock savings the more you use it, but it also enhances engine longevity. It is available today at over 400 Shell Helix Oil Change+ across the country, as well as at Shell gas stations nationwide.

Remark: *1 As per the ACEA M111 test standard, the product demonstrates a 2.2% increase in fuel efficiency compared to the reference engine oil, resulting in a mileage improvement of 22 kilometers per 1,000 kilometers.

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Source: ABM Connect