Banpu Strives to Create the Next Generation of "International Business Leaders" to Strengthen the Organization in Decades to Come

Friday 15 September 2023 09:38
Banpu Public Company Limited, a leading international versatile energy provider, strives to create the next generation of leaders in order to enhance the readiness to expand business growth according to the Greener & Smarter strategy through the first batch of "International Business Leader Program" (IBLP), organized by "Banpu Academy". More than 30 executives from different business units both in Thailand and from other strategic countries where Banpu is currently operating joined the program. The key of this program is to build a stronger management team for business operations during Banpu transformation into the digital era while driving the organization towards its goals in a rapidly changing business environment.

Mrs. Somruedee Chaimongkol, Chief Executive Officer of Banpu Public Company Limited, said "To drive the growth steadily and continuously, it is crucial for Banpu to develop the potential of 'Banpu people'. Our people can fulfill that task and contribute to strengthening the Banpu ecosystem. This is at the heart of Banpu's commitment and operations throughout our 40 years in business. In addition to our role as a leading international versatile energy provider, Banpu is also a learning organization that has accumulated experiences and expertise in many fields, crafting what we have learnt, making it knowledge, and passed them on to our staffs from generation to generation. Through the work of 'Banpu Academy', the knowledge we gather will be passed on to the next generation of leaders in a systematic way. Currently, there are 4 leadership development courses each year. For this year, Banpu has initiated the "International Business Leader Program" (IBLP), where executives from Banpu's business units both in Thailand and abroad were selected to participate and exchange knowledge together. The program aims to strengthen the next generation of leaders, preparing them to become important part in driving the organization towards future success."

The 'International Business Leader Program' or 'IBLP' is a program developed from a collection of knowledge that Banpu has accumulated over the years to pass on to the next generation of leaders. By building upon soft skill development that includes leadership building as well as coaching and mentoring, Banpu gathers knowledge in the energy business through an extensive study of real business cases that have come from real experiences, obstacles, and successes from past to present. These include how Banpu has overcome crises such as the Tom Yam Kung crisis or the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997 and the Hamburger Crisis, Paris Agreement, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic and the crisis of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Many members of the Board of Directors and senior executives have been involved and shared their advice very closely. Banpu's new generation of leaders are not only allowed to learn and understand what has happened to Banpu over the past 40 years, they also understand it very deeply as they learn from real work and real experience. It will inspire them to come up with the right strategies when one must deal with actual problems and challenges. This is how the program prepares them to step up to a higher position and ready to drive the organization to further strength and growth.

Ms. Jareeya Chirdkiatisak, Head of Banpu Academy, Banpu Public Company Limited, said "Banpu has initiated the IBLP to enhance the potential of young leaders in the organization from every business unit in every country where Banpu operates. The program sets to boost leadership and necessary management skills as well as enhancing knowledge and understanding of the organization's business to make our young leaders ready to face every challenge in the future. Amidst Banpu transformation in the digital era, the program should help strive the Company to grow even stronger. This year was the first batch of the IBLP program, with more than 30 young executives from business units in 5 countries including Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, and the United States joining the program over the period of 9 months. In addition to receiving training and extensive knowledge, the program also helps foster a new generation of leaders to understand each other through a close "senior teaching junior" culture as well as creating a learning community that is ready to share knowledge and experiences with one another."

"Banpu has a strong intension to be an organization that systematically collects and records important business knowledge and pass them on from generation to generation in the most efficient way possible. This is to make Banpu to be not just a company but an institution that cultivates knowledge and potential of Banpu people which reflects that our success over the past 40 years and in the decades to come is driven by "our people". They are tasked with a mission to drive our company forward, deliver sustainable future of energy, and power a better living for all," Mrs. Somruedee concluded.

Source: Ogilvy Thailand