SCB WEALTH holds the "Embracing the Lightning Opportunity" seminar Maximizing customer wealth in turbulent times through strategic investments

Monday 18 September 2023 16:01
Dr. Yunyong Thaicharoen (4th from left), Senior Executive Vice President , Chief Wealth Banking Officer at Siam Commercial Bank, along with his management team, orchestrated the SCB First Investment Outlook 2023 seminar, themed "Embracing the Lightning Opportunity," exclusively for SCB FIRST clients. Dr.Somprawin Manprasert (4th from right), First Executive Vice President, Chief Economist and Chief Strategy Officer at Siam Commercial Bank, took the helm in leading this event. Joining him were Dr.Supachai Parchariyanon, M.D. (3rd from left), Co-Founder and CEO of the consulting and investment company RISE; Mr.Sornchai Suneta (1st from right), Executive Vice President of SCB Investment Office and Product Function at Siam Commercial Bank; Mr.Sukit Udomsirikul (2nd from left), Managing Director of the Research Group at InnovestX Securities Co., Ltd.; and Dr. Kampon Adireksombat (1st from left), First Senior Vice President and Team Head of SCB Chief Investment Office at Siam Commercial Bank, all of whom attended this recent seminar held at the Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok.
SCB WEALTH holds the Embracing the Lightning Opportunity seminar Maximizing customer wealth in turbulent times through strategic investments

The seminar's primary objective was to identify investment opportunities for the Bank's FIRST clients amidst the volatile global economy, characterized by high-interest rates and inflation levels surpassing policy benchmarks. The underlying belief was that in every crisis lies the potential for generating favorable returns within investment portfolios. Dr. Supachai Pajariyanon, MD, delivered a lecture on the topic of "Climate Tech and Future Investment Opportunities," while Dr. Somprawin Manprasert shared insights on the "Future Direction of the Global and Thai Economy." Additionally, Mr. Sornchai Suneta, Mr. Sukit Udomsirikul, and Dr. Kampon Adireksombat conducted in-depth seminars on investment strategies tailored to capturing both short-term and long-term opportunities. Their collective efforts aimed to furnish investors with a comprehensive understanding of economic trends and investment opportunities, both within domestic and international spheres. Furthermore, they shed light on complex investment products that, despite their intricacies, have the potential to yield substantial returns, especially during periods of economic recession.

Source: Siam Commercial Bank