KTC Partnered with Air Astana to Organize a Painting Workshop and Launched "Explore Kazakhstan" Eco-Cultural Tourism Program

Tuesday 21 November 2023 08:58
KTC partnered with Air Astana to organize the "Kazakhstan, at your first sight. . . 'VERY NICE!'" workshop to engage participants through painting activities that reflect the beauty of the iconic landmarks of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Together, KTC and Air Astana launched the "Explore Kazakhstan" program to address the growing trend of eco-tourism and culture and provide a convenient and enriching travel experience through services offered by KTC World Travel Service. Cardmembers can immerse themselves in various natural settings and learn about local cultures through exclusive programs.
KTC Partnered with Air Astana to Organize a Painting Workshop and Launched Explore Kazakhstan Eco-Cultural Tourism Program

Miss Urachat Panyawut Sales and Marketing Manager, Thailand stated, "Air Astana Airlines is the national airline of the Republic of Kazakhstan, currently serving over 60 domestic and international routes. It is the only airline with direct flights from Thailand to the Republic of Kazakhstan, with a flight time of only 6-7 hours. The airline has recently increased the frequencies from Bangkok and Phuket to Almaty, totaling 14 flights per week. The tourist attractions of the Republic of Kazakhstan are outstanding, featuring pristine and beautiful natural landscapes and a variety of architecture awaiting tourist exploration. These include Big Almaty Lake, one of the most beautiful lakes in Almaty / Charyn Canyon, a vast Grand Canyon, and the Bayterek Tower, a cylindrical building crowned with a golden round object symbolizing the rebirth of the country. This combination of natural wonders and modern cityscapes makes Kazakhstan an ideal destination for tourists seeking a new blend of natural attractions and urban sophistication. In collaboration with KTC, a drawing activity was organized to promote these tourist attractions. Additionally, the "Explore Kazakhstan" program, offered through KTC World Travel Service, delivers an impressive travel experience, providing the return of tourists with a multi-dimensional story to discover."

Miss Pattheera Anandchotiphatchara, Head of KTC World Travel Service Department and Airline Travel Marketing, stated, "This year, KTC credit card spending at KTC World Travel Service, KTC's inhouse travel call center, has taken a more favorable direction. Furthermore, travel habits have evolved in alignment with the preferences of tourists, who are now inclined towards destinations that offer a leisurely experience closer to nature (Slow Travel), exotic routes, eco and cultural tourism that combines various dimensions, including local cuisine and traditions and language. Such destinations are gaining traction and becoming a focal point for tourists.

KTC World Travel Service has partnered with Air Astana Airlines to organize the Kazakhstan painting workshop "Kazakhstan, at your first sight. . . 'VERY NICE!'" for both the media and influencers to feature the beauties of Kazakhstan on canvas. This collaboration also brought about a new travel itinerary, 'Explore Kazakhstan' offering members a unique travel experience with access to diverse natural landscapes and the opportunity to immerse themselves in local culture. The exclusive program spans 5 days and 3 nights, starting at a price of 72,000 baht per person, providing a convenient and cost-effective travel option. Additionally, cardmembers enjoy special privileges, including 2x KTC FOREVER points throughout the program (minimum of 2 travelers). For more details, contact KTC World Travel Service 02 123 5050 or visit www.ktc.co.th/ktcworld. Bookings for the package are open from November 11, 2023, to March 15, 2024, with travel scheduled between November 18, 2023, and March 31, 2024."

Source: Krungthai Card

KTC Partnered with Air Astana to Organize a Painting Workshop and Launched Explore Kazakhstan Eco-Cultural Tourism Program