"Kwang - Wannapiya Omsinnoppakul" elegantly showcases her sophisticated appearance presenting the latest additions from LYN WINTER 2023 COLLECTION

Tuesday 21 November 2023 13:43
LYN welcomes the new season with its 2023 winter collection, harmoniously combining charisma, modernity and luxury, as it unveils the season's latest model Gwang - Wanpiya Oamsinnoppakul, who represents the perfect definition of the modern woman - confident, attractive and comfortable in her skin, along with her sense of style that defines the brand's DNA, visualizes the collection and makes the campaign as seductive as it is.
Kwang - Wannapiya Omsinnoppakul elegantly showcases her sophisticated appearance presenting the latest additions from LYN WINTER 2023 COLLECTION

Should you have an inclination towards items characterized by a refined, stylish, and minimalist aesthetic, the Cheri Shoulder S is well-suited for your preferences. This hobo shoulder bag harmoniously complements feminine contours and is adorned with gold metal accents, imparting a sophisticated and glamorous appearance. An everyday bag that goes with any style whether it's a workday that requires extra dashing moves, a casual meeting with your girlfriends where you need to look stunning, or an evening date where looking fabulous is a must! There are 5 colours to choose from: classic black and white, pastel yellow, sweet lilac and soft peach nude. Gaston S, another hobo bag effortlessly makes a go-to item, quilted, metal logo embedded in the same shade of the bag, shows a playful, sporty looks, offers 4 different colours to choose from: classic black, luxurious nude, refreshing mint green and sweet, sensual lilac.

Last but not least, the must-have of the season - Monet Infinite Shoulder L, a quilted pouch bag with glamorous metal logo in the same shade as the bag itself, giving a modern and unique look, with fabulous leather chain strap. Looks chic when worn around the shoulder on a casual day, or when transformed into a backpack for a particularly active day.

This exquisite handbag epitomizes a captivating allure, seamlessly blending glamour and sensuality. Its versatile design allows for a seamless transition from day to night, effortlessly harmonizing functionality with impeccable style. Even though this is the winter collection, you can jazz it up - with your favourite piece from the new LYN collection - the perfect combination of agility, sexiness and impeccable elegance.

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