TikTok Unveils the Success of 'TikTok for OTOP'

Tuesday 28 November 2023 08:39
Continued driving Thailand's digital economy through local-businesses supported, TikTok uplifted digital skills for over 530 OTOPs nationwide in the first phrase.

In a significant move to bolster the digital economy in Southeast Asia, TikTok has announced a substantial investment of US$12.2 million to support over 120,000 small businesses (SMBs) across the region. This initiative is aimed at facilitating the transition of these businesses to the online marketplace, enabling them to thrive in the digital era. Building on this regional commitment. TikTok in collaboration with the Community Development Department (CDD) under the Ministry of Interior reached out to over 530 OTOP representatives across the county to provide digital skills along with advertising credits and promotional marketing programs, empowering them to expand into greater business opportunities and address the challenges of rapidly changing consumer trends.

Elevating OTOP Products with Smart Economy and Smart People Concepts

TikTok has gathered beyond 530 local entrepreneurs nationwide with more than 1,600 products in the first phrase on TikTok Shop, an e-commerce platform that corresponds to the fast-changing behaviors and lifestyles of digital consumers. This initiative will provide digital skills that aim to unlock business potentials for OTOP via the concepts of Smart Economy and Smart People, which are the core of the TikTok for OTOP initiative under this MOU with the CDD. This initiative aligns with the department's vision of a stable grassroots economy and strong, sustainable communities based on the philosophy of a sufficient economy.

"In line with our recent announcement of the Support Local Programme, TikTok is steadfastly committed to empowering SMBs. We acknowledge the untapped potential for business growth of One Tambon One Product (OTOP) goods on digital platforms. Our primary objective is to equip OTOP entrepreneurs with the digital skills and expertise they require to compete effectively in the online marketplace, while simultaneously promoting high-quality Thai products on e-commerce platforms. This initiative will not only contribute to an increase in national income but also pave the way for a seamless transition towards a full digital economy", states Chanida Klyphun, Head of Public Policy - TikTok Thailand.

The first phase of the project focuses on developing digital skills for OTOP entrepreneurs through workshops across five regions, training them on how to open stores on TikTok Shop, along with courses on effective sales strategies. The #ช้อปได้ทุกถิ่น campaign offers opportunities for OTOP entrepreneurs to collaborate with TikTok creators to boost sales and raise product awareness nationwide.

Choocheep Pongchai, Deputy Director-General of the Community Development Department, Ministry of Interior, declares, "To modernize and grow OTOP businesses and products, competing nationally and globally, the CDD places great importance on digital platforms. Our collaboration with TikTok aims to achieve these objectives, significantly enhancing business opportunities for Thai local entrepreneurs. This not only promotes business but also beautifully showcases local wisdom."

TikTok Offers Opportunities for Success

Since the start of the TikTok for OTOP project, there has been a successful transition into the digital platform, reflecting a tangible shift towards a digital economy society. Moreover, it has unlocked opportunities for products derived from Thai local wisdom, enabling them to compete on an international stage with strong potential in generating revenue for communities and the country. The initiative has generated over 8.5 million baht income opportunities in the first phrase, within 3 months.

ช้อปได้ทุกถิ่น is a campaign used for publicity and to compile content related to OTOP products, which includes more than 495 videos in less than 3 months. These videos have garnered over 137.9 million views, significantly expanding the reach of OTOP products to both new and existing target buyers, domestically and internationally. TikTok has leveraged its Shoppertainment platform, TikTok Shop, to organize LIVE selling events in collaboration with creators as part of this campaign. This initiative offers a new shopping experience to those interested in local products, receiving an overwhelming response from buyers. The LIVE events attracted more than 200,000 viewers.

In additional, several OTOP seller have harnessed the power of TikTok's digital tools to revolutionize their sales strategies and achieve remarkable success. Among these are Sumet Herbal and Netafruit, two brands that have effectively utilized TikTok Shop to boost their product sales. Sumet Herbal, known for its range of herbal products, has seen a significant increase in sales volume through their engaging LIVE stream sessions on TikTok. Netafruit, a premium dried fruit snack brand, on the other hand, has capitalized on TikTok's short video content format to effectively market its products, resulting in remarkable sales growth. These success stories highlight the impact of TikTok in elevating local businesses to new heights.

"The digital skills we acquired from training by TikTok and the CDD have not only deepened our understanding of conducting business on the TikTok Shop but also opened new opportunities for our business and community. We have learned detailed advertising strategies on the platform, consumer behavior, and valuable insights that can be leveraged in our business," states Rittichai Panjantan, Sumet Phanboran

"Now that we have entered the e-commerce platform, we utilize digital skills and tools provided by TikTok. The training not only enhanced our experience but also increased our product visibility nationwide, expanding our customer base. We are also contributing to shaping the digital platform's future as a space of opportunity and diversity, preserving local culture," added Akarawit Mekcharoen, Brand Netafruit.

TikTok, an entertainment platform that seamlessly blends content and commerce, is committed to unlocking abundant opportunities for individuals, creators, communities, and businesses to grow and thrive.

Source: FleishmanHillard