Huawei Joins Forces with the Department of Skills Development to Launch a New Solar Installer Training Center to Promote Green Technologies and Upskill Thailand's Future Workforce

Monday 18 December 2023 08:50
Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd., in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor's Department of Skills Development (DSD), recently held the opening ceremony for the Skill Development Institute 14 Pathum Thani, a new solar installer training and certification center established to promote green technologies as well as upskill and certify digital power talents in Thailand. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing ceremony was also held during the event to further expand on the cooperation between Huawei and DSD in advancing the skill development of Thailand's current and future digital workforces in line with Huawei's mission to 'Grow in Thailand, Contribute to Thailand'. The opening and signing ceremonies were attended by Huawei executives and representatives from DSD.
Huawei Joins Forces with the Department of Skills Development to Launch a New Solar Installer Training Center to Promote Green Technologies and Upskill Thailand's Future Workforce

The newly established solar power installation center is part of an ongoing collaboration between Huawei and DSD to upskill digital power installers in Thailand to build up the country's digital power talent ecosystem and encourage the growth of its solar industries and green infrastructure. The center will primarily focus on training Thai talents on the installation of solar rooftops, equipping them with knowledge and skills in the latest types of digital power systems that will support the country's sustainable future.

Mr. David Li, Chief Executive Officer of Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. spoke at the ceremony: "Huawei firmly believes in the potential of Thailand to not only become a future digital talent hub, but to be a regional leader in sustainable digital power systems as well. To date, we have introduced a range of residential solar products to Thailand and collaborated with private sector partners, government bodies, and financial institutions to encourage the wider adoption of clean energy solutions among Thai households and industries. The establishment of this training center today reflects the growing demand for renewable energies and the advancement of clean technologies, as well as our steadfast dedication towards helping Thailand achieve its renewable energy goals."

Mrs. Jiravan Sutasuntorn, Inspector General of the Department of Skill Development, Ministry of Labor, also spoke at the ceremony: "Developing Thailand's workforces directly supports the needs of the labor market and is a key consideration for DSD as part of our contributions towards Thailand's national development strategy. At present, Thailand has begun to turn to renewable energy, but there is still a shortage of skilled and experienced workers who can install solar cell systems. Every sector must therefore develop their workers with the skills required to meet market demands. I am very pleased to sign this Memorandum of Understanding with Huawei on the development of digital skills and to open this solar technology installation training center. The Department of Skills Development would like to thank Huawei Thailand for establishing this center and for providing invaluable knowledge and resources towards developing Thailand's digital power talents."

Huawei's collaboration with DSD is part of Thailand's proactive approach to sustainable development, with the country being the first ASEAN country to propose a national carbon neutrality roadmap for 2050 at the COP26 summit, with goals to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2065. In support of this, Huawei established a dedicated digital power business in 2022 to leverage the growing popularity of solar power in Thailand with the aim of supporting 30,000 local projects in Thailand and empowering 10,000 local talents over the next three years. Huawei has so far found success with its FusionSolar energy solutions, launched green loan partnerships in collaboration with local banks, and partnered with the shopping complex SEACON Square to install one of Bangkok's largest solar farms on the mall's roof, resulting in the reduction of up to 4,000 tons of carbon emissions for the mall since the start of 2021.

In addition to upskilling and knowledge sharing, the center also offers co-certifications to digital power system professionals, boosting the efficiency and effectiveness of solar power installation projects across the country. This collaborative focus on co-training and co-certifying digital power professionals seeks to not only fuel the growth of the solar industry but to also provide numerous benefits to the public, including expanding employment opportunities, enhancing the quality of installation services, and fostering further collaboration between industry and government entities.

Mr. David Li concluded: "In addition to the opening of the center today, we are also pleased to renew our three-year MoU with the Department of Skill Development, under which we will continue to train local 4G and 5G talents, solar installers, and cloud security professionals. Together, we are driving Thailand towards becoming a sustainable hub of ASEAN, fostering the growth of the country's green technologies and empowering current and future generations to help shape Thailand's future in line with our mission to bring digital to every person, home, and organization for a fully connected, intelligent, and low carbon Thailand."

Source: Carl Byoir & Associates