Jazz lovers, get ready for the TIJC 2024 An authentic jazz festival with the identity of Real Jazz.

Tuesday 09 January 2024 17:24
Since 2009 the Thailand International Jazz Conference - TIJC 2024 has driven the jazz music industry in Thailand with its vibes and atmosphere that go on winning the hearts of artists and jazz lovers domestically and internationally. Coming back again for its 15th Anniversary of the TIJC, held between 26-28 January 2024, proclaim its positioning as a genuine jazz performance stage. Gathering the jazz community to showcase their work, meet, and exchange views at the College of Music, Mahidol University.
Jazz lovers, get ready for the TIJC 2024 An authentic jazz festival with the identity of Real Jazz.

"TIJC is here to build the jazz community into an intellectual society, driving the festival through education" - said Dr. Narong Prangcharoen, Dean of the College of Music, Mahidol University. He further clarified the TIJC 2024 "This year we organise a camp from world-class artists from morning until evening by Jonathan Kreisberg, the world's renowned jazz guitarist, together with Eric Harland and his band to deliver a workshop before his concert on the night of January 28, 2024.

"A special highlight that we've kept is the "Jazz with Thailand Phil", jazz with the orchestra performance which is hard to see even on the world stage.

Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra (Thailand Phil) - This year, "Jazz with Thailand Phil" will be featured with The Pomelo Town, which will present jazz compositions, all composed and arranged by Thais to show off their identity that has never been done before, such as presenting chants in the style of a jazz orchestra. This program also encourages everyone to go beyond "Imitating" or "copying" to become "creation" and drive Thais to create their original work," Dr. Narong said.

Noppadol Tirataradol, Associate Dean of the College of Music, Mahidol University and Project Manager of the TIJC, said that as of today the jazz artists and jazz scene around the world know the TIJC well and are keen to attend as it is an intensive jazz event which welcomes and opens for everyone.

"Today, people are more interested in specific things. So we try to bring outstanding jazz musicians to the audience, creating happiness and sustainability for society.

I hope that our artist line-up this year will be well received."

The 3 highlight artists that will take the stage at TIJC are the Jonathan Kreisberg Quartet (Featuring Eric Harland), the band featuring the world's most renowned artists, Steven Feifke Trio with Chad Lefkowitz-Brown, the band of an esteemed pianist who won a Grammy award, and Jochen Rueckert is a band that brings together famed jazz artists in every position. "I believe that one day these artists will be recorded in our jazz history."

Moreover, there is a lineup of notable artists such as Loop Doctors with Alemay Fernandez, Candlelight Ficus, Gabriele Buonasorte Quartet, etc., as well as various artists to join this event presented by embassies including the French Embassy, Italian Embassy, Austrian Embassy and Swiss Embassy. There are also artists from Singapore who come almost every year as well as from Taiwan. It unveils that TIJC is a prominent event for all jazz artists and industry.

The performances at the TIJC are divided into 3 main stages: The Main Stage is the performance by Thai and international artists which will be highlights that rotate and showcase their skills every night. The Oval Stage is a stage that opens for jazz musicians from all over the country, which is a showcase opportunity for them. This year we have expanded to a brand new stage, The Cat Stage, which gives opportunities for musicians to perform and have the chance to jam with world-class artists.

"We have the performances that fill the space at the event. There are musicians from as young as 7 years old from our Jazz Camp to senior citizens as well as visually impaired musicians. We can say that we are "Jazz For All". TIJC has proven to be the main pillar of Jazz Education, as it's a gathering of jazz musicians from the local to the global level, as well as the audience that comes together with jazz music as the connection. This phenomenon reminds me of what Sonny Rollins said: "Jazz brings us together to live in a creative world". I believe that our aim to make TIJC a part of this world is not difficult to accomplish if every year we come together to show our mightiness," - Noppadol said.

This year TIJC also joined hands with Yamaha and River City Bangkok presenting the art on piano featuring Thai renowned street artist Takrit Krutphum or "October29", his work on the piano will be displayed at the TIJC 2024 where world-class jazz artists and musicians could jam and play at the festival, after that this piece of art will be auctioned off at River City Bangkok, with proceeds going to the Jazz Aid Project to expand opportunities for children in other to join the jazz camp the following year.

Thailand International Jazz Conference - TIJC 2024 will take place between 26-28 January 2024 at the College of Music, Mahidol University, Salaya. Those interested can find more information at www.tijc.net and facebook.com/tijc.net

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Jazz lovers, get ready for the TIJC 2024 An authentic jazz festival with the identity of Real Jazz.