Mazda is ready to embrace the new golden dragon year by implementing comprehensive customer care policy, aiming for sustainable growth in sales and service

Wednesday 10 January 2024 13:51
Mazda has created a strategy to embrace the Golden Dragon Year by fostering a solid foundation and enhancing the brand's strength. The company has also planned to add new vehicles to its product lineup and aimed to fully develop existing technologies to cater to the diverse lifestyles of customers. The strategy includes standardizing service levels nationwide, enhancing Mazda's competitive advantage in the Thai market and prioritizing customer care through Customer Experience Management (CXM) to create best customers' experience and offer after sales service programs to help minimizing customers' concern about service expenses together with deploying Brand Value Management (BVM). These efforts align with the commitment to elevate and empower individuals through superior driving experiences. The aim this year is to grow both sales volume and increase customer base visiting service centers nationwide in order to strive for sustainable growth together with Mazda globally.
Mazda is ready to embrace the new golden dragon year by implementing comprehensive customer care policy, aiming for sustainable growth in sales and service

Mr. Tadashi Miura, President of Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. said, "In 2023, it was a stressful year for both economically and socially which affecting the performance of Mazda's business operations in Thailand. Namely, economic growth that grew slowly, more strictly policies on car loans and measures for electric vehicles that distorted the market, alongside the emerging trend of electric vehicles in Thailand that were fostering rapid changes. In addition, the entry of new brands also provides consumers with more choices. These factors directly affected Mazda that is presently in the process of developing new products and in transition phrase to alternative energy sources. However, Mazda has performed better than expected. Mazda is ready to turn ongoing changes into strengths and we believe that tomorrow will be better than today."

"in 2023, Mazda has a total sales volume of 16,544 units. It can be broken down into a total of 8,718 units of passenger cars, comprising Mazda2 with 7,834 units and Mazda3 with 884 units. Meanwhile, the sales of crossover SUVs created 6,981 units which could be divided as follows: Mazda CX-30 with 3,254 units, Mazda CX-3 with 2,389 units, Mazda CX-8 with 999 units, and Mazda CX-5 with 340 units. In the pickup segment, the Mazda BT-50 has sold 834 units, and the Mazda MX-5 has sold 10 units. As for the Mazda6 20th Anniversary Edition, has gathered considerable attention with 74 customers having reserved their rights to purchase the vehicles, out of a total of 100 units.

Even though Mazda's sales figures have declined. However, in the past year, Mazda still achieved success in after-sales service. This was a result of conducting business under the Retention Business Model, where many customers returned for service at service centers. This led to a solid customer base, enabling dealerships to generate profits despite a slow market. Not only that, Mazda also managed to maintain a similar proportion of spare parts sales compared to the previous year by increasing spare parts stock, catering to the volume of customers visiting for service and anticipating future demands. This allowed for customer satisfaction through convenient and prompt services, strengthening the Mazda brand in Thailand. These factors indicate the success of the operational plans under this business model." Mr. Tadashi Miura said.

Mr. Tadashi Miura also revealed his vision about the 2024 Thai automotive industry that overall Thai automotive industry showed a positive direction and growth trend. It was boosted by the expected continuous expansion of the Thai economy, a noticeable recovery in the tourism sector as well as a promising upward trend of consumer purchasing power. It was expected that the volume of car production will increase approximately to the levels before the outbreak of COVID-19. Mazda believed that this year, the competition within the Thai automotive industry will be more intense, thereby boosting economic system and increasing employment opportunities. The overall expectation for the automotive industry was estimated to be about 750,000 - 800,000 units, equivalent to the previous year. For Mazda, we were expected for growth as well because the increasing number of customers visiting the service centers help enhance opportunities for selling new cars.

This year, Mazda has expanded its framework further according to the strategy under the Retention Business Model to encompass a more comprehensive choice. This is aimed at elevating customer service in all aspects through a One-Stop Service patterns, covering sales, after-sales service, customer repurchase, trade-ins, as well as body & paint services. Particularly emphasizing the sale of new cars through Mazda dealers nationwide and online platforms, as well as selling high-quality second-hand Mazda cars through the Mazda CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) program developed to enhance the value of cars for customers and facilitate ease in trade-ins. The focus this year is to further develop online sales through the Mazda CPO Marketplace to enhance convenience for customers and respond to the new era's lifestyle. This aims to elevate post-sales service by expanding Certified Body & Paint centers, reducing wait times for spare parts, and offering customers more benefits through an enhanced Privilege Program, surpassing previous offerings, to deliver comprehensive customer service.

Mr. Thee Permpongpanth, Senior Vice President of Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd said, "With the rapidly changing automotive market situation in Thailand, every change that occurs inevitably brings opportunities and challenges. We prioritize customers, listen to their voices, as customers are crucial foundations in building a strong brand. Mazda has begun to adjust strategies proactively from more than two years prior to enhance competitiveness and stay up-to-date of the evolving global trends. The primary focus lies in prioritizing customers through Customer Experience Management (CXM) or customer experience management, emphasizing the creation of maximum satisfaction to establish a solid foundation, including a focused effort on building the brand through Brand Value Management (BVM) strategies. The strategies can be divided as follows:

  • Adjust the organization to drive the business more swiftly, agilely and actively: The most important policy is a swift adaptation to keep pace with the changing market by transitioning the business towards Retention Business Model. After implementing this policy for more than 2 years, many aspects have become significantly clearer. In this year, Mazda aims to drive the organization through 3 core principles under Brand Value Management (BVM) that are; Purpose, Promise, and Value. Purpose focuses on Mazda's fundamental motivations and reasons for existence, aiming to create value and enrich lives, allowing people to experience the Mazda brand with pride. Promise embodies the brand's commitment to every customer, ensuring Mazda's dedication to developing cars under technologies that meet global customer needs. Value encompasses creating brand value beyond vehicles, aspiring to be a partner that contributes to the happiness of every family throughout their journey.
  • Shift to digital marketing, emphasizes communication with customers to create an impression: Elevating customer communication, listening to customer feedback, maintaining existing customer base and enticing them to make repeat purchases by cultivating maximum satisfaction and providing best customer care aligning with the Customer Experience Management (CXM) policy. This approach involves understanding the unique needs of Thai customers, emphasizing consistent customer engagement activities through CRM and CSR to create sustainability across the organization, people, the earth, and society that is in line with Mazda's global mission.
  • Develop new technology must meet current needs of customers: We aim to further develop technologies to better meet customers'. This effort aims to empower individuals through superior driving experiences with cutting-edge technology. Simultaneously, we are advancing towards the Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030 mission by setting the foundation for presenting clean and environmentally friendly alternative energy solutions that is executed within appropriate timelines and contexts to achieve the goal of achieving zero carbon emissions.
  • Caring for customers as if they are family members while seeing the importance of dealership's business sustainable growth: Emphasizing the strategy of providing special privileges to Mazda customers and families, including the Customer Loyalty Program and exclusive benefits through the Mazda Family Campaign, offering service benefits at Mazda service centers nationwide. Focusing on customer relationship activities through Customer Engagement Activities, expanding customer care channels, and coordinating with dealerships across showrooms nationwide to cater to customer needs and conduct joint activities to foster long-term customer relationships. This also involves delivering a worry-free driving experience across all car models, particularly through after-sales customer care programs such as Mazda Care and Mazda Ultimate Service, aimed at providing long-term value and expressing gratitude to customers who are part of the Mazda family, ensuring Mazda's continuous care throughout the ownership experience.

"Mazda would like to express our gratitude to customers, partners, dealers, and all stakeholders for their continuous support. From today onwards, Mazda is confident that the Mazda brand will grow stronger in a sustainable way based on the continuous efforts made by Mazda. Especially, in the customer care policies throughout the ownership of Mazda vehicles as well as delivering products and technologies that come with various environmentally friendly options to meet the diverse needs of customers. These initiatives aim to make customers' lives more convenient, aligning with our commitment to deliver the joy of driving and elevate the driving experience and enrich lives-in-motion for those we serve." Mr. Thee added.

Source: Mazda Sales

Mazda is ready to embrace the new golden dragon year by implementing comprehensive customer care policy, aiming for sustainable growth in sales and service