Telehouse Envisions the Digital Path for a Connected, Secure, and Sustainable Future of Data Center in Thailand

Friday 02 February 2024 12:04
In a bold move towards transforming Thailand into Southeast Asia's foremost digital hub, Telehouse, a global interconnection colocation data center service provider, is spearheading a visionary initiative for the year 2024 and beyond. With an investment exceeding 2,800 million baht, Telehouse is committed to positioning Thailand as a secure and reliable connectivity hub, fostering the growth of a thriving digital society.
Telehouse Envisions the Digital Path for a Connected, Secure, and Sustainable Future of Data Center in Thailand

Building on the commitment to lead the expansion of the Interconnection Data Center sector and contribute to Thailand's digital economy, the appointment of Mr. Ken Miyashita as Managing Director underscores Telehouse Thailand's dedication to this transformative vision. This strategic blend of business expansion and sustainability positions Telehouse Thailand at the forefront of industry evolution, solidifying its pivotal role in shaping Thailand's digital future. In a significant stride towards industry leadership, Telehouse is ready to elevate and drive the data center industry in Thailand as a founding member of the Thailand Data Center Council, ensuring a more connected, secure, and sustainable digital future for the country.

Additionally, Telehouse Thailand aligns itself with the strategic initiatives of the Thai Government and Prime Minister, who actively invite global tech and cloud players to invest more in the burgeoning data center and AI technology sector. In response to this, Telehouse plays a vital role in supporting these endeavors by providing crucial interconnection points for companies, including AWS's network infrastructure. This, in turn, propels Thailand's economic growth through the digital transformation landscape, further establishing Telehouse Thailand as a key player in the country's technological advancement.

Connecting the Points:

Telehouse's strategic plan hinges on the burgeoning potential of Thailand as a connectivity hub. As more public cloud providers enter the market, the company anticipates a surge in data traffic, positioning Thailand as the next potential market for cloud demand. Telehouse is leading this charge with a Purpose-Built Interconnection Data Center boasting more than 45 branches across 10 countries, creating a diverse connectivity ecosystem with over 1,000 service providers worldwide. The company aims to be the optimal Internet hub in Thailand, facilitating seamless connectivity for businesses.

Telehouse Thailand currently has over 19 partners (such as Telecom Operators, Cloud / Contents Providers, SI partners, etc.) that support the ecosystem of "Interconnection" in the data center.

Greening the Future:

Beyond connectivity, Telehouse is dedicated to environmental consciousness in alignment with KDDI Group's goal to achieve Net-Zero CO2 emission from all global Telehouse data centers by 2026. Our first data center in Thailand operates on 100% renewable energy, utilizing I-REC certified renewable energy. Committed to carbon neutrality, Telehouse is driving sustainable growth, encouraging the adoption of green energy, and mitigating environmental impact.

Infrastructure for Innovation:

Telehouse Thailand is dedicated to providing world-class facilities, with a specific focus on its innovative specification that is ready to support the high-spec requirements of global IT companies. The emphasis lies in colocation and cross-connect services with a capacity of 1,000 racks and 9.5MVA power. Located in Bangkok's city center, the Purpose-Built Interconnection Data Center is strategically positioned, with all major Thai telecom providers present. A 4-route diverse fiber duct ensures maximum network redundancy, solidifying Telehouse's position as a reliable digital infrastructure provider.

Digital Landscape of Tomorrow:

Telehouse's vision extends beyond infrastructure development, embodying a commitment to shaping a digital landscape that excels in connectivity, security, and sustainability. With a legacy dating back to 1989, Telehouse is not just offering secure colocation services but actively fostering growth and innovation through an extensive network of over 3,000 business partners.

Mr. Ken Miyashita, Managing Director of Telehouse Thailand, envisions the company as a key player in Thailand's digital future. "Telehouse Thailand aims to position Thailand at the forefront of cloud services," said Mr. Miyashita. "Our goal is to lead as the interconnection Data Center in Thailand and this region, efficiently managing extensive data traffic from major clouds while emphasizing sustainability and reliability."

As Thailand marches confidently into the digital forefront of 2024 and beyond, Telehouse stands as a beacon, illuminating the path towards a connected, secure, and sustainable digital future.

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Source: Star PR

Telehouse Envisions the Digital Path for a Connected, Secure, and Sustainable Future of Data Center in Thailand