BTS Launches "1 Station = 1 Point" - Earn More Points as You Travel and Exchange for Free Journeys!

Monday 01 April 2024 15:12
Bangkok Mass Transit System Public Company Limited, the operator of the BTS Skytrain, is launching the campaign "1 Station = 1 Point*," allowing passengers to collect points to exchange for free trips and many more privileges through the Rabbit Rewards application.
BTS Launches 1 Station = 1 Point - Earn More Points as You Travel and Exchange for Free Journeys!

Under this campaign, passengers will receive Rabbit Points while travelling on the Sukhumvit line from Mo Chit station to On Nut station and/or the Silom line from National Stadium station to Saphan Taksin station, earning one point as they travel pass each station*, with a maximum of 8 points per trip. Passengers will also earn double points if they make at least 4 trips per week* starting from 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025.

Passengers travelling with the Rabbit Adult and Student Cards or LINE Pay, linked to the Rabbit Rewards account, will receive Rabbit Points that they can collect to exchange for various special privileges, including:

  • Free trips on the BTS*
  • XTREME SAVINGS 30-day travel package for 35/25/15 trips and 60-day travel package for 10 trips, along with numerous discount coupons.
  • Discount coupons and other special deals on products and services of leading brands such as Turtle Shop, Mister Donut, Grab, Tao bin, Starbucks, Smileyhound and SF Cinema.

For more news and information on special deals, please visit or contact BTS Customer Relations at Tel: 02-617-6000; Line official: @btsskytrain or our Facebook Page: BTSSkyTrain. Additionally, you can check our train operating status via the 'THE SKYTRAINs' application.


* The Rabbit Rewards program will be valid from April 1st, 2024 to March 31st, 2025.

* Rabbit Rewards members are entitled to receive 1 Rabbit Point per station (excluding the first station; for example, if traveling 3 stations, you will receive 2 Rabbit Points), limited to journeys on the specified Sukhumvit line (from Mo Chit Station to On Nut Station only) and/or specified Silom line (from National Stadium Station to Saphan Taksin Station only)

* The collection of number of trips per week will start from 03:00 every Monday and end at 02:59 on the following Monday. The total points including points x2 (if any) under the specified program conditions will be aggregated and calculated weekly, with points added to members' accounts every Wednesday of the following week.

* BTS passengers can accumulate free trips to earn Rabbit Points only from traveling with a top-up card. Points cannot be accumulated from trips resulting from package usage or redeemed free trip coupons.

* Each free trip has a maximum value of 47 Baht and can only be used for travel on the designated Sukhumvit line (from Mo Chit Station to On Nut Station) and/or the designated Silom line (from National Stadium Station to Wongwian Yai Station), totaling 26 stations.

* To use Rabbit Points to redeem packages, members must have collected points in their accounts sufficient for the value of the package as specified by Rabbit Rewards for each package. Please review the terms and conditions for each package before making transactions.

* The terms and conditions for redeeming free trips are subject to Rabbit Rewards' regulations.