Huawei: No.3 in Thai IaaS Market by revenue in 2023, One of the Fastest-Growing Clouds Globally

Tuesday 11 June 2024 16:36
Gartner(R), a renowned international research institute, recently released a research report Market Share: IT Services, Worldwide 2023. The report shows that Huawei ranks No.2 by revenue in China's IaaS market and No.3 in that of Thailand.
Huawei: No.3 in Thai IaaS Market by revenue in 2023, One of the Fastest-Growing Clouds Globally

According to the report Emerging Asia-Pacific Hybrid Cloud Market Report 2022 by Frost & Sullivan, an authoritative analysis organization, Huawei Cloud in Thailand ranks No.1 by revenue in the hybrid cloud market.

In 2023, Huawei Cloud achieved a global sales revenue of CNY55.3 billion, with a year-on-year public cloud revenue growth of 110% outside the Chinese mainland, making it one of the fastest-growing cloud providers globally. Huawei Cloud has become a trusted cloud service provider for many customers and partners in Thailand.

Huawei Cloud is expanding its global footprint through KooVerse, its global cloud infrastructure, committed to providing high-quality cloud services that offer a consistent global experience. Huawei Cloud follows the principle of "In Local, For Local" and delivers innovative technologies and localized services to its customers, an approach that paves the way to digital for a wide range of industries. Up to date, Huawei Cloud is operating 93 availability zones (AZs) in 33 Regions, serving customers in more than 170 countries and regions.

Huawei is the first global cloud vendor to have a presence in Thailand. Since the launch of Huawei Cloud in Thailand on September 30, 2018, the company has introduced over 100 cloud services, developed more than 300 local partners, and served thousands of customers. Huawei Cloud has deployed three AZs in Thailand, with the third AZ becoming operational on March 25, 2022. Huawei Cloud fully complies with local compliance requirements. The company also supports payment and billing in local currency. Furthermore, Huawei has established a local OpenLab innovation center to collaborate with customers and partners and drive continuous innovation to satisfy the local market needs.

For 25 years, Huawei has established a strong presence in the Thailand market and has assembled a local team that makes up 77% of its workforce. Huawei Cloud Thailand is collaborating with over 300 local cloud partners and 120 startups to create a thriving local ecosystem. Furthermore, Huawei is closely collaborating with more than 40 Thai universities and has trained over 10,000 developers. The company aims to increase this number to 20,000 in the next three years to cultivate technical talent essential for Thailand's digital economy development.

Source: Carl Byoir & Associates

Huawei: No.3 in Thai IaaS Market by revenue in 2023, One of the Fastest-Growing Clouds Globally