"Krungsri Auto" suggests useful techniques for driving safely during the rainy season

Wednesday 12 June 2024 13:26
Since the start of the rainy season from late May in Thailand, drivers and automobile users are experiencing challenges and accidents caused by weather conditions as rainstorms can make roads slippery and reduce visibility. Learning techniques for driving in the rain not only increases safety, but also boosts confidence while commuting. 'Krungsri Auto', a leader in automotive finance under Bank of Ayudhya PCL., suggested useful driving tips for facing the rain to ensure safety and peace of mind for both drivers and automobile users.
Krungsri Auto suggests useful techniques for driving safely during the rainy season
  1. Turn on headlights both during the day and at night: heavy storms reduce road visibility. It is necessary to brighten the headlights or alternatively use fog lights to improve visibility.
  2. Avoid using hazard lights: this makes it harder to signal left or right turns, potentially confusing other drivers and increasing the risk of accidents.
  3. Don't drive too fast: rain makes the roads very slippery. Driving too fast increases the risk of losing control, especially when encountering puddles. It is important to drive slowly to mitigate the impact force and ensure control. Before leaving home, check if the tires are suitable for wet conditions.
  4. Maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front: slippery roads may affect braking systems, leading to reduced control and possible skidding. A distance of around 2-car length from the vehicle ahead is recommended to minimize the risk of accidents.
  5. Avoid sudden maneuvers when encountering flooded areas: if coming across deep puddles, slow down and wait before changing lanes to avoid them. When encountering shallow puddles, drive through them slowly to prevent splashing water onto others.
  6. Stay focused on looking ahead and maintain awareness and mindfulness while driving: poor visibility can make it difficult to predict what lies ahead, increasing the risk of unexpected obstacles such as other vehicles or objects on the road. It is essential to drive attentively for safety during the journey.

In addition to the six safe driving tips for the rainy season, drivers should avoid distractions; remain conscious while driving to reduce the chances of accidents; and seek knowledge about vehicles and safe driving techniques. GO by Krungsri Auto Application provides useful information for auto usage, financial services, auto insurance, and online loan application, suitable for drivers and automobile users. The application also offers information on EV charging stations from leading Thai providers, along with various services and exclusive privileges to meet the needs of automobile users. Those interested can download and use the application here: https://kautolink.com/ujo42Z

Source: FleishmanHillard Thailand