Embark on a journey to the fantastic realm of Faith at River City Bangkok

Friday 21 June 2024 09:06
River City Bangkok teams up with MeArt Gallery proudly presents "Faith", the third solo exhibition by the talented artist Thana Phothong, known for his transformative creations. Emerging from the acclaimed exhibition "Beyond Tigers: The Journey of the Tiger in You" held in 2020. This solo exhibition sees Thana once again delving into the narrative of belief and devotion. Transmitting waves of tranquility and good fortune to all viewers, this exhibition promises to be a testament to the power of art. Thana believes that deep within the hearts of people from all nations lies a common element: 'fear'. We each seek various psychological anchors to overcome this fear, which manifests in different forms. Since ancient times, humans have worshiped the sun, the moon, rivers, and even various animals like wolves, cats, eagles, deer, or tigers. Overtime, these beliefs evolved into rituals, the creation of idols, or the development of religions.
Embark on a journey to the fantastic realm of Faith at River City Bangkok

Based on these concepts, Thana has created this series from experiences, beliefs, explorations of knowledge, as well as fundamental symbols and beliefs, merged with images from various media. These include strange creatures with multiple heads or animals with human-like faces, resulting in a new imagery in the direction of Fantastic Realism. This style, with its uniqueness, taps into the emotional and spiritual beliefs of the viewers. 

Thana fervently hopes that this exhibition will radiate positive energy throughout the universe, bringing about happiness and good fortune according to each individual's experiences.Faith is open from today until 7 July 2024 at RCB Photographers' Gallery, 2nd floor, River City Bangkok.

Source: River City Bangkok