Modern Organizations Win the Hearts of Talent with "Inclusive Workplace", Embracing Every Difference on Every Path of Growth

Thursday 27 June 2024 11:24
In the present workplace world, diversity, equality and inclusion are one of the most crucial things that companies worldwide seriously consider as a top priority as DE&I affecting the success of many organizations. According to a McKinsey report, corporations identified as more diverse and inclusive are more likely to outperform their competitors. Harvard Business Review (HBR) states that diverse companies are 70% more likely to capture new markets. In addition, a study by LinkedIn found that 76% of employees and job seekers said diversity was important when considering job offers. This is in line with LinkedIn survey results which found that 80%of survey respondents said they want to work for a company that values DE&I issues…And as HR, another division playing an important role in driving this matter, Mr. Mana Tocharoen, Head of People Experience Division, True Corporation Plc. shared his perspective and experience working in the HR field of Thai tech company in creating a diversity and inclusion workplace in the seminar "Business and Human Rights" organized by the Rights and Liberties Protection Department, Ministry of Justice, the United Nations Development Program and the UN Global Network Compact Thailand - UNGCNT.
Modern Organizations Win the Hearts of Talent with Inclusive Workplace, Embracing Every Difference on Every Path of Growth

Because Diversity is Not Limited to Just Gender

Mr. Mana said, "The beginning of creating an organization where every employee can truly respect diversity is to create a correct understanding that the word "Diversity" does not only mean gender. Instead, it covers differences in every dimension, such as race, nationality, religion, social status, age and physical condition. True Corporation, as a leading Thai telecom-tech company, believes that "diversity" is an important factor to drive innovation, invent new things as well as attract talents to work in the organization. True aims to promote equality for all employees, respect human rights, create an organizational culture of inclusion which will bring unity of all in driving the organization forward as well as giving all fellow employees an opportunity to have their own space and be proud to be themselves."

"Overcome" In Dealing with "Challenges"

True Corporation gives importance to all groups of people, diversity, including the LGBTQIA+ who have always been treated equally not only during the Pride Month. One of the key challenges of cultivating diversity in an organization is to let everyone learn to "look beyond" gender issues. How to make someone who may have a negative paradigm and is not familiar with this group of people be able to "overcome" the gender identity issue and instead focus on other more important matters such as their potentials to create effective and acceptable performance.

"Since Thailand had the Gender Equality Act 2015 or 9 years ago, we began to develop various policies to show respect for diversity, gender equality including job position offering or even avoiding to use gender pronouns so that everyone feels that the workplace here is safe," Mr. Mana said.

How to Create an Inclusive Workplace in True's Style
- Visionary Leaders make diversity a reality in the organization. True Corporation's executives take this matter seriously. This is reflected from their participating as a Champion, driving changes in the organization, being a good example for employees as well as clearly supporting communication on this issue which all lead to building confidence among employees in the organization.
- Half of the Recruitment Team is also LGBTQIA+ to build familiarity and comfort for job applicants. This is to emphasize that True is an organization that accepts, respects and understands every employee in all groups.
- Ready to listen by giving all groups of employees an opportunity to express their opinions. True Corporation has established equal benefits, leave and special rights, including LGBTQIA+ such as taking leave for gender affirming-surgery, leave to attend the wedding ceremony, marriage benefit, leave to care for newborn child or leave to adopt a child, with welfare as well as leave for cremation with welfare support.

"On the day we commenced announcing benefits for LGBTQIA+ people, we were still aware of and have tried to communicate that True is a workplace that wants to fulfill every group of employees and create equality, meaning that special benefits are not given to only a specific group. On another hand, the LGBTQIA+ group has to learn that they can have rights and freedoms as long as they do not infringe on the others' rights. This is to create a truly ultimate, pleasant and happy workplace," Mr. Mana concluded.

Source: True Corporation

Modern Organizations Win the Hearts of Talent with Inclusive Workplace, Embracing Every Difference on Every Path of Growth