Knorr reaffirms commitment to Thai people's health through 'Knorr 4 Regions Soup Pairing' campaign, enhancing nutrition in every meal with Knorr cubes

Wednesday 03 July 2024 11:41
Knorr reaffirms commitment to Thai people's health through 'Knorr 4 Regions Soup Pairing' campaign, enhancing nutrition in every meal with Knorr cubes - modern consumer solution for convenience, deliciousness, and sustainable good health
Knorr reaffirms commitment to Thai people's health through 'Knorr 4 Regions Soup Pairing' campaign, enhancing nutrition in every meal with Knorr cubes

'Knorr', a brand under Unilever, a global leader committed to making sustainable living commonplace, is reaffirming its dedication towards the wellbeing of consumers by promoting healthier eating habits in its latest campaign, 'Knorr 4 Regions Soup Pairing', which is promoting the consumption of Thai soup - with its distinctive flavor and nutritious quality - to become a key element paired with Thai food, and be served as the perfect complement to every dish, enhancing nutrition in every meal. With the aim of promoting sustainable healthy living among Thais, Knorr cubes offer a quick and easy soup base, making it effortless to create delicious homemade stock that can be seamlessly incorporated into a diverse range of recipes, while also encouraging soup consumption - adding enriched nutritional value in everyday dishes. The campaign is responding to the demand for instant convenience, targeting the fast-paced, health-conscious newer generation that expects variety on top of well-rounded and adequate nutrition from their food.

Ms. Nuntana Khaopluem, Nutrition Thailand & MYSG Lead and SEA Head of Customer Strategy and Planning, said: "At Unilever, our priority and commitment is placed upon understanding and responding to consumer demand. For more than 40 years, Knorr products have been crafted to meet those needs in terms of taste and nutritional value. This endeavor, achieved through ingredient research and development, production processes, and technology, aims to encourage everyone to have better health from hearty and delicious food while also promoting regular, consistent, and nutritionally complete meal consumption using various Knorr products that can be included in a multitude of recipes, such as soup - which offers great nutritional value. Research from Kantar (Thailand) Limited, the world's leading market data and analytics consulting company, indicates that the current lifestyle of Thai people points to a decrease in soup consumption, despite the fact that it remains one of the most versatile side dishes. It is both easy to prepare and rich in nutritional value. We hope to inspire all Thais to pair their dishes with soup to regularly maximize delicious and nutritious food, as we strive to deliver our promise of a healthy quality of life achieved in sustainable ways, every day."

Research findings from Kantar (Thailand) Limited report that three primary factors are contributing to lower consumption of soup: 1) prevailing trends reveal a preference for fewer dishes for food, as well as smaller portions, which has led to a decline in the popularity of side dishes, 2) consumers tend to believe that soup requires significant time and effort to make, and 3) some also believe that soup is a basic go-to item, i.e. lacking in creativity and originality. With these factors in mind, Knorr has innovated its products to ensure a minimal and simplified cooking process when time is of the essence, and with only a few items from the kitchen - vegetables or meat - combined with Knorr cubes, it is easier than ever to prepare delicious, hearty soup within minutes. In addition, soup serves as an excellent starting point for creative, individualized recipes sourced from various household ingredients that can be personalized according to taste and preference. Soup also goes especially well with stir-fried, deep-fried, or spicy dishes, and helps counteract the intensity of these flavors, balancing out stronger dishes by imparting a mild, comforting flavor element. A hot serving of soup is also a perfect way to stay warm. Also, as soups can be prepared with virtually any ingredients, such as vegetables or assorted types of meat - consumers can freely mix and match as well as adjust the recipe to fit their dietary needs or preferences.

Mr. Tatthon Thanaboriboon, Nutrition Thailand Complexed Cooking Aids Lead, added: "Thai food - our national identity - is universally loved by every household, with each dish bringing out all sorts of different flavors. Soups have always been a part of this identity as they typically accompany Thai dishes. Thai soup comes in numerous categories and different unique flavor profiles, from light and mild to spicy and robustly seasoned. In light of this, we have performed an in-depth analysis of consumers and the positive effects of soup, inspiring us to launch the 'Knorr 4 Regions Soup Pairing' campaign. Our objective is to reinforce stronger consumption habits by encouraging people to pair their meals with soup, while also responding to the demands of consumers. We hope that our campaign, alongside tips and tricks for preparing quick and easy Thai soup dishes with our Knorr cubes, will present a perfect combination that brings more delicacy to everyone's life, complements every meal as a perfect match, and enhances the soup's flavor without the need for a single definitive recipe. We also aim to offer an elevated experience of soup preparation using only a handful of household ingredients, getting a meal ready fast and easily in the span of just a few minutes using Knorr cubes. This campaign should expand the horizons of consumers, shifting their perspective about soup, which is no longer a time-consuming or labor-intensive process. We are similarly responding to the demands of the newer generation of consumers, as we allow them to create a perfect complement to their favorite meals. Soups can also add nourishment, providing convenience on top of nutritional value in everyday meals to better match nutritional intake requirements besides improving taste, and contributing to the ongoing health and wellbeing of the Thai community in a sustainable manner.

The 'Knorr 4 Regions Soup Pairing' campaign features Chef Tum (Dissakul Prasitruangsuk) from the television program Masterchef Thailand, who will be introducing delicious, quick and effortless soup recipes using Knorr cubes, reminiscent of a dining-out restaurant experience in the comfort of your own home. This means that anyone can prepare simple homemade soup and pair it with favorite meals for extra convenience and nutritional benefits.

The campaign 'Knorr 4 Regions Soup Pairing' presents the idea of simple, ready-to-cook soup recipes under the 10 Minutes' concept, featuring several brand-awareness initiatives starting from June 2024 to enhance brand visibility and ease of access for Knorr's products, with the focus on brand communication over a wide spectrum of online and offline channels, to engage target consumers. Furthermore, Your Favorite Restaurants and Knorr's Partner' initiative establishes partnerships between Knorr and local food shops - in particular, with Thai stir-fried basil and fried pork food vendors - to offer enticing special promotions whenever soup recipes from Knorr products are ordered alongside the signature main dishes. This partnership extends to leading food centers and eateries, curating a one-of-a-kind experience specifically for consumers who strongly prefer quick single-dish meals with the invitation to experience the flavor of Knorr soups. The campaign also includes collaboration between popular food and lifestyle influencers from online platforms, showcasing short clips and videos that demonstrate how to create perfect Knorr soups in under ten minutes, to be matched with a favorite dish. Also, #คนอร์คู่ซุปคู่จานโปรด #จับคู่ให้ชีวิตอร่อยขึ้น commercial films feature perfect meal combinations using Knorr. Free samples of Knorr cubes are also being distributed as giveaways for consumers to experiment with at home, and tasting stations in leading malls provide consumers with a direct opportunity to sample the product and taste the recipes conveniently.

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Source: Hill & Knowlton