Unita Capital unveils orbix INVEST, a Digital Asset Investment Expert, aiming for 1 billion Baht in AUM this year

Wednesday 10 July 2024 13:14
orbix INVEST, the third flagship firm under Unita Capital, a subsidiary within KASIKORNBANK FINANCIAL CONGLOMERATE, has been launched with the concept, "Strategist for Kryptonian." This digital asset investment expert will assist in asset selection, investment strategies, and risk management in accordance with investment policies. The company aims to achieve 2,500 clients and 1 billion Baht in assets under management (AUM) by the end of 2024.
Unita Capital unveils orbix INVEST, a Digital Asset Investment Expert, aiming for 1 billion Baht in AUM this year

Dr. Tanapoom Damraks, Managing Director of orbix INVEST Co., Ltd., said, "The digital asset market has experienced continuous growth. In 2013, the market capitalization of digital assets stood at USD 1.6 billion. As of 2024, it has surged to USD 2.3 trillion, representing a remarkable growth rate of 140,000 percent (based on data of total digital asset market capitalization from CoinGecko). Compared to 2023, the market value grew by 35 percent. This tremendous growth followed the approval by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for Bitcoin ETF and Ethereum ETF trading. This has led to broader acceptance of digital assets and increased trading volume, driven by purchases from funds. The move has attracted general investors by making it easier to access the digital asset world. Additionally, the technology transition from the Internet era to Web 3.0 - known as "The Next Era of the Internet" - is expected to bring about more intelligent and interconnected systems, creating significant opportunities for new businesses and investment possibilities. By 2030, the digital asset market is projected to reach a value of USD 10 trillion. In Thailand, there are already more than 4 million people investing in digital assets, and there is still significant potential for further growth. Based on ongoing research, it has been found that those who want to invest in this asset class have two main priorities: understanding the digital assets they are investing in, and investing in reliable and trustworthy service providers.

Most recently, Unita Capital Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of KASIKORNBANK FINANCIAL CONGLOMERATE, launched orbix INVEST, a digital asset investment service provider that utilizes a strategic investment management approach. orbix INVEST boasts a team of experienced investment professionals who carefully select assets, manage investment management strategies and manage risks in accordance with investment policies. The service operates under the concept, "Strategist for Kryptonian", a crypto enthusiast's expert assistant, aiming to address the needs of individuals wanting to invest in digital assets. orbix INVEST provides its services through a user-friendly mobile application that allows investors to easily track their investments, all in one convenient app. This platform simplifies access to digital asset investments and provides expert investment management assistance and ongoing support throughout the investment journey.

orbix INVEST adheres to three core principles in its service to investors:

  1. Reliability: Empowering investors to engage with a reputable service provider - On January 3, 2024, orbix INVEST obtained a license from the Ministry of Finance for digital asset fund manager business under the supervision of the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission. In addition, orbix INVEST has selected Coinbase, a globally recognized custodian that adheres to world-class standards, to safeguard its clients' assets.
  2. Expertise: orbix INVEST has a capital management team, Kryptonian Strategist, with experience in capital management - including traditional and digital assets - for more than 20 years, thus allowing them to develop a myriad of investment strategies to meet the needs of a wider range of investors.
  3. Investor satisfaction: A dedicated customer support team is available to assist and educate investors. This team is tasked with offering investors advisory services and investment literacy via various company channels.

Additionally, to ensure that investors can achieve their set investment objectives, orbix INVEST has launched four investment strategy themes during the first phase. Two of these strategies focus on investing in a single asset, and the other two strategies involve investing in multiple asset classes as following;

  1. The Orbix Ultimate 10 strategy is designed for investors seeking to diversify risks by investing in large-size digital assets with strong fundamentals. This strategy is in alignment with the company's investment framework, which employs both qualitative and quantitative factors for the selection of 10 digital assets. The investments are allocated based on the market capitalization of these assets.
  2. The Orbix Large-Cap Value Select strategy is tailored for investors who wish to invest at least 75 percent of their net investment value in large-cap digital assets. This proactive strategy is also intended for investors seeking higher returns, as the investment portfolio will be adjusted in line with market trends at a specific period when risk levels are high.

All are managed by a team of experts to provide diversified investment opportunities.

All investment strategy plans through the orbix INVEST application start with a minimum investment of only 5,000 Baht. Investors can easily open an account and verify your identity via K PLUS. Simply open an account and invest a total of 20,000 Baht during July 10-31, 2024, and investor will receive 200 Baht cash back credited direct to your own account, up to a maximum of 1,000 Baht (limited to 1,000 promotion offers). Additionally, all investor can access other benefits including articles about digital assets, participation in seminars organized by orbix INVEST, and many more, subject to the company's terms and conditions.

Dr. Tanapoom Damraks noted in closing that orbix INVEST's short-term goal is to become a platform for managing investment strategies that allows investors to experience digital asset investment with expert care, focusing on investors' wealth empowerment in line with their risk appetite. orbix INVEST aims to acquire 2,500 users by the end of 2024 and expects to reach assets under management (AUM) of 1 billion Baht.