Thonglor Thai Cuisine crafts healthy options to fight coronavirus

Friday 08 January 2021 14:52
If you are in search of high quality food for a bit of a bargain, we support that. Welcoming 2021, a year of hope and victory against the pandemic, with a healthy diet to help boost our immune system, Chef Thomas well versed in truly royal Thai cuisine crafts set menus that combine multi-course meal with a complementary dessert for 999 baht, available for dine-in, takeout, and delivery.
Thonglor Thai Cuisine crafts healthy options to fight coronavirus

Enjoy your own multi-course meal with a selection of three specials plus one complimentary dessert such as "pai lin kob," made from blue butterfly pea flowers that are known to prevent a stoke, "sweet baby banana," or "pineapple iced cream."

Now let's get to the nitty gritty of the meal deal:

Set 1) Immune-boosting foods
"Pomelo Salad with Grilled Pork," is loaded with tons of Vitamin C and helps clear up your nasal and respiratory passages.
"Kaeng Som Lhia Bua with Pineapple" consists of a slew of spices and herbs. This menu is the real deal for a spicy lover and prevents infections.
"Nam Phrik Ma Kam Sod" features fresh tamarind chili paste along with herbs such as bitter gourd, okra, and turmeric and served with boiled vegetables to fight off bacteria and viruses.

Set 2) Herb-focused menu
"Stir fried beef with fennel leaves," is not only known for reducing high blood pressure, cancer, flu, and inflammation but brings a touch of the south through southern style chili paste.
"Boiled Sumalee Sea Bass" with galangal, kaffir lime leaves, red onion, and lemongrass has a sweet and sour taste complimented by a refreshing scent from Salacca Wallichiana.
"Young Pepper Paste," literally translated into Thai as "Nam Prik Thai Orn" is a type of chili paste, but its making techniques are far more complicated than other chili pastes served with sweet pork, fried eggs with cha-om, and an assortment of fresh vegetables on the side.

Set 3) Healthy Thai dishes
"Tender Pork Stir Fried with White Turmeric and Chili Curry Paste," loosely translated to "Khua Kling Kra Pao Daeng Phrik Hang," is a flagship dish of spicy southern Thai cuisine that is known for its powerful flavor mainly from basil leaves and can help prevent viruses from entering cells.
"Stir fried Ceylon Spinach with Crispy Gourami" not only brims with a myriad of health benefits but is also known to cure flatulence. Our chef's recommended menu will definitely include this dish that guests should feast on.
"Thai Stewed Pork and Eggs in brown sauce" is one of the most crowd-favorite dishes, accompanied by spices and ancient recipes. The chefs don't just cook food here, but they pay attention to every detail. The stewed pork with organic eggs takes approximately 2 days to make it the way the chef expects - melting in the mouth.

Stay safe, eat healthy.
Bon Appetit

The restaurant, located at Staybridge Suites Bangkok Thonglor Soi 5 , is currently open 10:30-21:00 hrs. for eat in takeout and delivery . To place an order, please call 02-000-4701 or 092-966-2563, or order through LINE: Thonglor Cuisine Visit, or follow Facebook page, Instagram, for latest updates and promotions.

Source: IMPACT Exhibition Management